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For fans of everything from "Archie" to zombies, massive gathering in San Diego has something for everyone

Comic-Con San Diego

45th annual Comic-Con San Diego opens to large crowds
At a Comic-Con panel, one star teased the possibility of some characters leaving the impenetrable dome over Chester's Mill
In the Funny or Die bit, Bell shows off her pipes and quits her job because she's only being paid the federal minimum wage
The actor lost an estimated 20 pounds to play a young man who stumbles upon the underground world of L.A. freelance crime journalism
The Queen of England also showed off a rare smile in the photo
After multiple public apologies and an album dedicated to his longtime love, a report says the singer may be ready to face the music
Ryan Seacrest will host the concert special with performances by Jennifer Lopez, Duran Duran, Miranda Lambert and more
Fans are camping out overnight just to get a chance to go inside the San Diego pop culture event
Modern-folk duo unveils acoustic video for the song exclusively on CBSNews.com