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There was no way to disprove former Ferguson officer's testimony that he feared for his life, officials say
Financially struggling Michigan city's decision to break away from Detroit's water system riles residents
Republican-led chamber is unlikely to get the votes necessary to override Obama's rejection of the bill
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani responds to Israeli leader's controversial address to Congress
The singer chatted via FaceTime with 4-year-old Jalene Salinas, who has has an aggressive form of terminal brain cancer
The rover is expected to be down for several days while engineers search for the source of the malfunction
Police in Fulton County say veteran officer was gunned down searching for a suspect
Puzzling sign in brains of people as young as 20 may provide clues to solving the mystery of Alzheimer's
Drugs widely advertised for men with "Low T" may have serious risks and should not be taken for normal signs of aging, FDA warns
Paul Allen says crew aboard his research superyacht has located the Musashi, sunk by U.S. forces 70 years ago in the war's biggest naval battle

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