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Charged with suspicion of attempted murder after making what sheriff calls "very, very terrible decision"
Israel-Hamas cease-fire is open-ended; both sides assessing impact of more than seven weeks of fighitng
Journalist released by militant group after being held in Syria for nearly two years arrives home in Boston
10 Black Hawk helicopters were surrounded by foam after fire-suppression material was accidentally released during safety test at Tulsa Army National Guard base
Former governor, who was once a Republican, will challenge current GOP Gov. Rick Scott in November
While many storerooms and cellars in Napa Valley were rattled by the quake, the grape harvest barely skipped a beat
Authorities say woman accused of trying to sneak aboard multiple flights has been taken into custody at Phoenix airport
Pentagon wants to learn how ISIS commands and controls its forces in Syria before U.S. launches any airstrikes there
Ira Goldman's product keeps plane passengers from reclining, and crushing your legs; it may also start fights
The two already have lengthy, friendly relationship, which was spoofed in a video that ran earlier this year

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