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Joe’s Journal: Rebels Upcoming Return

There’s nothing better than a college football Saturday…..but UNLV needs it’s stadium dreams answered.  

KXNT News/Talk Radio 840 AM–08/07/2014

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Joe’s Journal: Are You Ready For Some…..Soccer?

World Cup! Not so much…  

KXNT News/Talk Radio 840 AM–06/25/2014

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Joe’s Journal: More Than Protect and Serve

To Serve and Protect….and come home alive.  

KXNT News/Talk Radio 840 AM–06/13/2014

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Off The Wall: Waiting For Answers

As we bury our dead following sunday’s traggic killings, there are still questions left unanswered. What is it we need to know????  

KXNT News/Talk Radio 840 AM–06/12/2014

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Joe’s Journal: Defense Budget Cuts

Major cuts being proposed to the Defense budget…..it’s being watched closely here in Las Vegas.  

KXNT News/Talk Radio 840 AM–02/28/2014