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Friday: The BUSINESS of Show Business

(Las Vegas, NV) – Check out Friday’s biggest entertainment stories from the entertainment capital of the world!  No gossip…  Just the facts!   TAYLOR SWIFT IS ONE OF OUR “WORLD’S GREATEST LEADERS” Source: The New […]


The Rookie Pirates - (left to right) Troy, Ryan, Cole, Cruz, Jonathan, Varun, Jasiel, Hunter, Isaac, Patrick

KXNT’S Carlos Diaz Experiences the Ultimate Rush: Becoming a Little League Coach

(Las Vegas, NV) –  I became what I loathe.   I was an overbearing Little League baseball coach… for one inning.  For 5 innings of the game, I was fine…  but I was sucked into […]


Carlos Diaz from KXNT's "Carlos & Dayna"... before & after.

Carlos Diaz Gets His Head Shaved by Dayna Roselli to Support Cancer Research

(Las Vegas, NV) –  Yep… I shaved my head for Childhood Cancer Research. Here’s how the evening went down: Last Saturday night, I took part in my first St. Baldrick’s Celebrity Charity Fundraiser Event.  For years, […]


(photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

9-Year-Old Flies To LV Without Ticket

TSA and Delta investigate Minneapolis to Las Vegas incident


Cowboy Fast Draw logo

“Fastest Gun In The West”

Quick-draw artists from around the world are gathering in northern Nevada