Heat Wave Zaps Las Vegas for the WeekendLas Vegas is facing down an excessive heat warning through the weekend.
Group Awarded $10M to Attract Top Charter Schools to NevadaState officials have hired an organization that will help recruit high-quality charter school operators to expand into Nevada's neediest neighborhoods.
Should We Pay All School Campus Employees $15 an Hour?
Who Benefits From ESA School Choice Programs?
Arizona Board Of Education Rejects Common CoreThe Arizona Board of Education has rejected Common Core.
Arizona Parents Claim Kids Can View Porn On School-Issued ComputersParents from an Arizona community are furious after they claim their middle-school aged children can access porn through school-issued computers.
Education Savings Accounts Will Save Nevada's Children
2nd Lawsuit Targets Education Savings ProgramGroup "Educate Nevada Now" says program violates state constitution
Update On Common Core Test ProblemsNevada gets money in settlement with company behind failed testing
Arizona Public School District Puts Anti-Abortion Stickers In TextbooksParents from an Arizona public school's district are upset after stickers supporting a pro-life position were plastered onto high school Biology textbooks.
Fired Teachers Sue District15 former teachers challenge law that adjusted tenure rules
Rural Utah School Changing To 4-Day School WeekA small rural school in a ranching community in the northwest corner of the state is set to begin a four-day school week, a move that three other outlying counties in the state have already adopted.

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