LAS VEGAS (KXNT) – Another hot day in the valley, and another day of battling a fire in scorching temperatures for some Las Vegas firefighters.

Las Vegas firefighters responded to a report of an electrical cord to a wall mounted air conditioner unit smoking in a house in the 200 block of Frederick Avenue (D Street/W. Lake Mead) at 5:05 p.m. Monday.

When firefighters got on the scene they found smoke coming out of the front door of a one story wood frame house. Firefighters were told that both people inside had escaped without injury and no one else was in the house.

It only took fire crews a few minutes to put the fire out, which damaged the great room of the house. Damage was estimated at $35,000.

Fire investigators believe an extension cord from a wall mounted air conditioner to a wall outlet is where the fire began. They were told by the people who live there, that the air conditioner had been working for several hours after a power failure that happened earlier. With the AC unit running nearly constantly, the extension cord probably heated up and started nearby combustibles on fire.

The two people who were displaced are getting help from the American Red Cross. There were no reported injuries.

Extension cords are wires that are designed to be used for a limited amount of time and with low power demands. You should not use extension cords with large appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners, space heaters and other devices. Usually the demand for electricity is more than what the extension cord was designed for. When extension cords exceed their designed limits, they overheat and catch any combustible items they’re touching on fire.

Electrical related fires are the second leading cause of fires in Las Vegas and cause more damage than all other types of fires combined.


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