LAS VEGAS (KXNT) – If you haven’t lived in Southern Nevada very long, you may think ‘why is there so much talk about flash flooding in the desert?’ It’s officially monsoon season in the Vegas Valley and that’s why businesses like the Regional Control Flood District, and now Valley Health System are trying to spread the word and remind people about flooding during the summer months.

From extreme heat to monsoon season, there are plenty of weather concerns during the summer months in Southern Nevada.

To keep your family safe in times of sudden weather changes such as flash floods, remember:

-Do not drive or walk through water when you can’t see the street or pavement. If you are caught in your car during a flash flood, stay with the car until help arrives. It’s easier to find you in a car than in rushing water, where you could be quickly swept away and/or hit with debris.

-Know where the detention basins and washes are in your neighborhood and if it looks like rain, stay away from these area. This could include walking, biking and hiking trails and other recreational areas.

“The water is picking up garbage, fertilizer, oil, feces, rocks and everything else in its path,” said Jeff Davidson, MD, medical director of the emergency department at Valley Hospital. “It’s better to limit your water play to swimming pools, splash pads or gentle sprinklers,” said Davidson.

As fun as it may seem to play in the water, it’s not safe for a variety of reasons, including the speed of the water and what it is carrying. Remember if you have any doubts, just wait things out. After all that’s why it’s called “Flash Flooding.”


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