LAS VEGAS (KXNT) – It’s the scam that keeps scamming — and the scammers seem to like the scam so much, they’re back at it scamming again, looking for another round of ripoffs in Clark County.

A local victim recently received a phone call from a scammer who claimed to be with Clark County. The victim was told that she missed an appearance for grand jury and she needed to go to a nearby pharmacy to get a pre-paid card to post a bond. She was told there was a deputy on his way to her house to arrest her if she didn’t have the money for the bond.

This isn’t the first time the bad guys have used false warrants and bogus threats to get unsuspecting victims to pay up for missed jury duty. The court is trying to get the word out on these scams and is asking the community to beware and let others know the signs of the scam.

“The court never solicits money on the telephone or threatens to send a deputy to arrest people who have missed jury service,” said District Court Chief Judge Elizabeth Gonzalez. “Jury service is the cornerstone of the American Justice system. It’s unfortunate that criminals are trying to exploit such an important process to steal from unsuspecting victims. I encourage those who receive these bogus calls and threats to report them to law enforcement,” said Judge Gonzalez.

Other scams tried in the past, made over the telephone, mail or e-mail, include fake judgments that required money, and an assortment of phony warrant scams. The scammers are hard to catch and prosecute. They mostly ask victims to purchase pre-paid credit cards. Potential victims should independently verify all claims, and thoroughly examine and verify any paperwork or e-mails that ask for money. Many of the victims have been senior citizens. It is optional for people over the age of 70 to serve on a jury. The District Court website can give you more information on jury service at

Those who have received a summons and aren’t sure if it’s legit can reschedule jury service on line at


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