LAS VEGAS (KXNT) – Police officers in Henderson are still going to be vigilant about targeting impaired drivers. However, The Henderson Police Department recently wrapped up their latest enhanced traffic enforcement effort designed to make roads safer through increased patrol saturations specifically targeting impaired drivers.

The enhanced enforcement was part of the most recent statewide Joining Forces initiative that ran from May 1-7.

During the enforcement period, Henderson Police stopped 391 cars and issued 420 citations that included 248 citations for speeding, 12 for running red lights and 10 for using a cell phone while operating a motor vehicle. Officers also made one arrest for driving under the influence.

This was the 12th Joining Forces event under the current grant.

The Henderson Police Department received $203,700 in federal funding through the Nevada Department of Public Safety.

  1. “Officers also made one arrest for driving under the influence.” LMFAO they called this a impaired driver campaign and only arrested 1 impaired driver…. all they did was spend taxpayer money to increase city funds via road piracy aka speeding tickets.

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