By Fred Halstied

LAS VEGAS (KXNT) – Who knew the tailgate on a pickup truck was so valuable? Even people who own pick up trucks probably don’t think much about the tailgates.

Yet, Henderson Police are alerting truck owners to what they call the growing trend of pickup tailgate thefts with thieves taking the tailgates off of pickups and selling them for parts at underground chop shops.

Police said an unlocked pickup truck tailgate is an easy target for many thieves. An unlocked tailgate can be opened and removed in under 30 seconds without the use of any tools.

Henderson Police are offering the following safety tips to prevent tailgate theft:

-If your truck comes equipped with an integrated tailgate lock, lock it. The simple step of insuring that the tailgate is locked when locking the pick up can reduce theft.

-Back your pickup truck as close as possible to an object or structure, so there is no room to open the tailgate.

-Buy a lock. There are a number of options on the market.

-Another way to protect your tailgate from theft–use a hose clamp. Wrap it around the notch on the quick release of the tailgate, setting the clamp where the screw head is on the bottom side.

Henderson Police would like to remind the public that locking your car or truck is the fist step in preventing theft. Hiding valuable items also discourages theft, but removing valuable items from a vehicle is the best way to prevent them from being stolen.


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