LAS VEGAS (KXNT) – The ‘Fabulous Welcome To Las Vegas’ sign on the Strip is not only used as a backdrop for souvenir pictures by the millions of visitors that come to Las Vegas, but often, the lights are switched to a certain color to honor or show appreciation for a worthwhile cause.

This month, Clark County Commissioners and United Service Organizations (USO) representatives, including Celebrity Circle chairman Wayne Newton, turned the popular sign red, white and blue Monday in recognition of Military Appreciation Month.

“We are proud to recognize Military Appreciation Month and join the great people with USO Las Vegas to honor our neighbors, friends and relatives who are providing the ultimate in public service as members of the armed forces,” said Clark County Commission Chairman Steve Sisolak.

“USO Las Vegas is a great partner in our community, providing a home away from home for the more than 11,000 active duty troops, National Guard personnnel, reservist and their families currently stationed in Southern Nevada,” said Commissioner Larry Brown.

“The USO strengthens America’s military service members by keeping them connected to family, home and country, throughout their service to the nation. Locally, the USO Las Vegas has served more than 195,000 troops and their families since 2010,” said Commissioner Marilyn Kirkpatrick.

“We are honored to support USO Las Vegas, and partner with them in providing lounges for our service men and women at McCarran International Airport. Last year, USO Las Vegas served more than 45,000 troops and military family members in the Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 Airport Lounges,” said Commissioner Mary Beth Scow.

County Commissioners and representatives from the USO turned on red, white and blue light bulbs installed on the world-famous “Welcome” sign during a brief ceremony in front of the sign Monday. The bulbs, which are usually yellow, surround the border of the sign.


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