LAS VEGAS (KXNT) – He’s known for his no-nonsense demeanor, his out-of-the-box political ideas, and he was a Democratic presidential candidate.

This weekend, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders made a stop in Sin City for a speech and rally.

Sanders told Vegas supporters to fight back against President Donald Trump. Sanders also said the people of the United States are facing a multitude of problems.

“We are living in very difficult times,” said Senator Sanders. “We have an economic crisis, a political crisis, a social crisis, a racial crisis and last but not least we have a major environmental crises,” Sanders said.

The Vermont senator told to hundreds of supporters Saturday at UNLV’S Cox Pavilion. He asked them to help defeat Trump’s policies on immigration, health care, and defunding such programs as Planned Parenthood and Meals on Wheels.

“Women in this country will determine and control their own bodies and not the United States government,” said Sanders, who received massive applause and a standing ovation from the crowd.




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