LAS VEGAS (AP) — Authorities say a woman has died after being struck by a Las Vegas police car while walking near a casino.

The crash happened just before 9 p.m. Saturday near the Sam’s Town hotel-casino in the southeastern part of the city.

The woman suffered life-threatening injuries and was taken to the hospital, where she later died.

The Clark County coroner’s office confirmed the death but isn’t yet releasing her identity.

Police haven’t released information about the crash involving their marked squad car.

It was the second fatal crash in the area at the time.

Police say in the other, separate crash, a woman in a wheelchair was fatally struck by a Dodge Durango SUV.

The driver stayed on scene.

The second victim also hasn’t been identified.

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  1. Sorry both people died, and condolences to their families. Guess it won’t do any good to call 1-800-INJURED unless their families want to sue for loss of companionship. I agree that many pedestrians here in Sin City are burned-out druggies, (mainly meth freaks, but also crack, sherm and heroin, mainly drunks)…but PEDESTRIANS HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY and many of the drivers in Las Vegas are very careless, speed, and don’t seem to care at all about running someone over. Many of these drivers have no business behind the wheel, and lots of them don’t even have driver’s licenses and are driving under the influence. Jaywalking does NOT KILL PEOPLE, careless drivers kill people. Quit hassling the jaywalkers and start impounding cars of lousy drivers and do random traffic stops to get the bad drivers OFF THE ROAD PERMANENTLY.

    1. Alison Milne says:

      Sorry, but I live and drive all over Vegas. There is no excuse for jay walking across 6-7 lanes of traffic where the speed limit is 45mph and everyone is going 50mph at the least. A couple weeks ago I was on Nellis and a jay walker was dancing in the middle of the street singing to herself and swinging a laundry bag around. And last week on Owens and Lamb a guy was talking to himself and moving back and forth into the middle of the street. He walked to the sidewalk before the light changed, but I was watching to see if he would step out into oncoming traffic. There was a reason the world had mental hospitals before the 1980’s and a lot of these people should be in one.

  2. Mike Gieser says:

    Why is this news?!?! Dead bodies in Vegas stay in Vegas!!

  3. Judy Rambaud says:

    People in general think that they have the right -a -way. They speed up to get to the red light at the intersection. They speed up after they pick up their children after school and the “H” with any one else who is picking up their children.

    they think they can walk out in the middle of traffic whether or not the light is in their favor. The blocks in Vegas are very long and the lights need to be adjusted so that people CAN walk across with time to spare. Also they, Vegas,Need to make changes by having the lights at the intersections adjust to traffic conditions.

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