CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) — Nevada lawmakers are turning this week to multiple measures that would mandate or help businesses afford to give workers paid leave from work.

But first, they face a deadline to put their policy ideas into writing. Here’s more on a few of the issues ahead this week at the Nevada Legislature:


More than 200 bills were introduced last week, bringing the number of written and published proposals to nearly 900.

Hundreds more are still in the queue, specifically from government agencies and legislative committees. They are due Monday night, when the Legislature will make a final call for bill introductions.

Although it could amount to a late night for lawmakers and legislative attorneys, the deadline does not mean an end to policy ideas. Lawmakers will amend and at times fully supplant the text of their proposals in the remaining 10 weeks of the session.


Senate Majority Leader Aaron Ford of Las Vegas is leading a Democratic push to mandate all private employers provide workers with three paid sick days a year. The Senate Commerce, Labor and Energy Committee will hear Senate Bill 196 on Wednesday.

In a different measure, businesses that pay employees during family leave would qualify for payroll and commerce tax breaks. Assemblywoman Dina Neal, a Democrat representing North Las Vegas, will present Assembly Bill 266 in the Assembly Taxation Committee on Thursday.

A global debate on whether governments should tax feminine hygiene products is coming to Nevada this week. The Senate Revenue and Economic Development Committee will consider Thursday whether state and local taxes should be stripped from tampons, pads and similar items under Senate Bill 415.

A similar proposal, Assembly Bill 402, would exempt diapers from state and local taxes in addition to feminine hygiene products. Either bill would require voter approval.


Moving public discourse to Nevada’s largest metropolitan area, the Assembly Government Affairs Committee will hear a proposal Friday regarding Red Rock Canyon at the Grant Sawyer Building in Las Vegas.

The measure restricts some local government powers on land use planning in national conservation areas. It comes after Clark County officials approved a developer’s plan last month to build thousands of homes near the Red Rock Canyon National Recreation Area.

More information on Assembly Bill 277 can be found here:


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