By Alan Stock

President Trump has come under attack for his executive action restricting immigration from countries that are in need of additional vetting.  These seven countries have a history of training, harboring and exporting terrorists and had already been targeted for extra scrutiny by the Obama administration.

The executive action suspended all refugee resettlement in the U.S. for four months and targeted refugee resettlement from Syria indefinitely.  He, also, suspended entry for three months by citizens of seven majority-Muslim countries – Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.  It apparently allows for dual citizens and green card holders to be admitted after an advanced vetting process.

This was not a ban on Muslim nations nor did the action target Muslims.  Had the intent been to ban all Muslim-majority countries, it would have included Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Turkey, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Uzbekistan, Malaysia, Niger and the Philippines.  There are many other countries that could be added to this list.

People have forgotten that President Obama put a six-month pause on refugees coming from Iraq in 2011.  Also forgotten is that the seven nations Trump were originally targeted by the Obama administration and Congress as part of the Terrorist Prevention Act of 2015.

Does the President have this kind of authority?  According to the Immigration and Nationality Act passed on June 27, 1952, the President has the ability to prohibit entry to the U.S. if the Alien belongs to an organization seeking to overthrow the government of the United States by “force, violence, or other unconstitutional means.  This applies to those believed to seek to engage in activities which would be prejudicial to the public interest, or endanger the welfare, safety, or security of the United States.  Included in this act are those who belong to any organization that advocates or teaches any acts of violence or the overthrow of the U.S. The law was upheld in the 1954 Galvin vs. Press case.

Radical, Islamic fascism is much more than the countries that have been singled out.  It is a philosophy that seeks to inspire individuals in various countries to become lone wolfs to carry out acts of terror.  As the President said in his inaugural address, we are at war with Islamic extremism.

Aside from the so-called mainstream media, a Rasmussen poll finds 57% of the American public supports the President’s actions as opposed to only 33% who are in opposition.  The President’s actions are truly mainstream.


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