By Ken Boehlke

She’s back! Or at least that’s what they are telling us. This is Ken Boehlke, checking in live from T-Mobile Arena on the Las Vegas Strip at UFC 207 Rousey vs. Nunes. Ronda will attempt to prove she’s really “back” by regaining the Bantamweight title she lost a little more than a year ago. Dominick Cruz will also put his Bantamweight championship belt on the line facing off with the hard hitting Cody Garbrandt. 10 fights on the card, and I’ll be here live blogging all the action of every single one of them. It’s the final Pay Per View of the 2016 UFC season, and it should be a good one.

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9:54 That’s it for me tonight. This was fun, let’s do it again sometime soon.

9:53 Somewhere Dana White is crying in a corner knowing that all the power in the world now sits squarely in the palm of the one remaining mega superstar in the UFC… Conor McGregor.

9:52 Ronda’s head just wasn’t in it. But you cannot take anything away from Nunes, she put forth a perfect performance. Could not have gone better for her, didn’t get touched at all.

9:51 UFC really should have told Amanda’s story, it’s a good one. Too bad.

9:50 Wow. Amanda Nunes absolutely picked her apart from the bell to the stoppage. Incredible. See ya Ronda, it was fun while it lasted.

9:50 Official announcement. Nunes by TKO 0:49

9:49 Her head was flopping all over the place. Absolute destruction by Amanda.

9:49 It’s over!!!! Nunes KO!

9:48 Ronda gets popped three times hard. Nunes dominanting early.

9:47 Glove touch. Wow.

9:46 Ronda looks like she always has. And the crowd goes absolutely wild when they intro her.

9:45 It’s time! Welcome back Ronda, we missed you. Now let’s see if she’s the same one we remember.

9:42 Nunes is in the ring. Buffer to announce the fighters. This place is just as jacked as it was for Conor’s last fight here.

9:40 Boos rain down for the current champ Amanda Nunes.

9:39 There’s still just something else about her. She’s still the clear people’s champ. Electric.

9:37 Signiture pissed off very brisk walk to the cage from Ronda. Bad Reputation blaring on the speakers. Place about to go crazy when she gets in there.

9:37 Here comes Ronda, this place is going nuts!

9:35 Hype video for Ronda (and Amanda) now. Main event coming now.

9:34 Learned a few things about Cruz too. First, he can be hit, and quite a bit. Second, his chin is out of this world. Third, his recovery is even more impressive than his chin. However, he just got out Dominick Cruz’d by Cody Garbrandt.

9:32 Not only did Cody win the fight, but there’s so many highlight worthy knockdowns and antics. Couldn’t possibly ask for more if you are Garbrandt… or the UFC quite frankly.

9:31 “TJ Dillashaw, come try me mother ******” -Garbrandt

9:30 Cody brings in a little kid who has leukemia, puts the belt on the kid. So freaking cool. Rogan asks the kid how it feels. So neat.

9:29 Cody nearly broke out in tears when Buffer said And New. Absolutely stunning that he won on the cards convincingly.

9:28 48-46, 48-47, 48-46 Cody!

9:27 Fight is over. They shake hands, in a bit of a weird pseudo hug. Cody jumps on the cage and demands the strap. I’ve got 49-45 Cody. No way he shouldn’t be the new champion here. Absolutely incredible performance from Cody. Decision next.

9:26 More Cruz swings and misses. His accuracy in this fight has to be around 10%.  Now a clinch against the cage.

9:25 Missed TD by Cruz. Cody is flat out winning this fight everywhere.

0:24 Dom misses, and Cody goes to the ground on his own and does a pushup. Completely mocking Cruz.

9:23 The elusiveness has been all from Cody, not Cruz.  Dom misses another 5 punches or so. Flying knee now missed by Dom.

9:22 Fifth underway. Cruz throwing mostly jabs, not much finding a home.

9:20 Cody knocks him down. Then Cruz gets up, knocked down again! Cruz up, then a third time!!!!  Unreal. Cody may have won that round 10-8. Four knockdowns! Not once did Cody pounce. Instead he just celebrates his knockdowns. This is unbelievable. 3-1 Cody w/ 1 10-8

9:18 Cruz misses five punches, Cody mimics him throwing joke punches.

9:17 Three more hard shots from Cody. Dom still coming forward but Cody easily winning yet another round. This was not at all what I expected. Dom throws a spinning kick and Cody shakes his head with disgust at him.

9:16 Cody knocks him down with a punch! Fight continues though.

9:15 Cody up 2-1 maybe 3-0. Screen shows huge gash on Cruz’s eyebrow. Dominick is in big trouble. That gash is gross. Cruz definitely needs both rounds, might need a stoppage. Wow.

9:14 Cruz lands his best shot of the fight which is followed by a Cody bad miss and a slip.

9:13 Cruz with a flurry, lands one good one, but gets countered on the way out. Even exchange.

9:13 Cody with another great flurry. Dom can’t touch him. The fight is almost backwards. Crazy.

9:12 Nice cut on Dom’s face from the early exchange in this round. Cody winning this one for sure.

9:11 Garbrandt toying with him now. Dom missed a few big shots and Cody laughed at him.

9:10 Cody lighting him up early. A kick then three killer lefts. Woah.

9:09 Round over. No clue who won it. My initial feeling is Dom, but it’s not crazy to say Cody got it. I’ll go with 19-19. Happy I’m not a judge here.

9:08 Dom ducks in and Cody throws right over his head. Then lands a nice right jab.

9:07 Right, followed by a nice left by Cody. Dom unfazed.

9:06 Dom lands a few but nothing hard.

9:04 Cody lands a big left, jolts right back at him. Cody throws a big shot but slips. Cody wins the exchange.

9:04 Round two. Let’s go!

9:03 Cody shoots and LANDS the TD. Dom straight out of it but ate a knee on the way out. I think Cody did enough, including that takedown to win the round. 10-9 Cody for me. Impressive that he won a round without a knock down punch.

9:02 Dom shoots, but stuffed. Finally Dom connects, goes hard for him but no second punch landed. Very tight round.

9:01 Dom catches a kick, now Cody with his hands down marching forward. The head movement of Dominick is insane. Cody can’t him so far.

9:00 Cody hits him, backing him up, then throws a haymaker that misses. Not much landing at all for either.

8:58 Lots of missed punches. Both put their hands out mocking the other.

8:56 Alright, here we go! No glove touch. Of course.

8:54 Cruz looks incredibly confident, but also very determined. This fight is going to be awesome.

8:53 Cruz goes straight EDC techno music. Kind of love it to be honest, and I usually do not like this stuff.

8:52 Here comes Cruz. There’s just something about this guy, it’s almost like he’s so smart that us dumb guys want to dislike him.

8:50 The UFC has to be sad Cody broke up with Paige Van Zant. That would have been the ultimate UFC power couple.

8:49 In the end, I have a feeling Cruz will just be a bit too much for Cody, but it would definitely be a much better highlight if Cody finds a way to KO Dom for the first time in his career.

8:44 This is an awesome fight. Total contrast in styles. You’ve got the cerebral fighter in Cruz, who basically loses to no one vs. the undefeated KO specialist who refuses to go backwards in Garbrandt. This should be a lot of fun. My pick is Cody, but it’s more with my heart than with my head. If Dom wins, it’ll be a bit on the boring side.

8:43 Co-main and Main left. Video board shows Amanda, crickets. Shows Ronda, places goes nuts.

8:42 I’m not saying he’s wrong, I just would much rather see Cruz fight Mighty Mouse than see another very close TJ fight. Guess it comes down to if DJ wants that fight or if he just wants to keep killing people in the 125 division.

8:41 TJ screaming at Dominick. “I fought #2 twice in a row, he is fighting #6 and #8.” “I if I don’t get the next title fight, we’ll know this s**t is rigged. I want my belt back.”

8:40 All three judges give a 10-8. TJ is going to be very disappointed when Dom takes the super fight with DJ rather than the rematch with TJ.

8:39 30-26 x3 Dillashaw.

8:38 Dillashaw engages for a moment, then hears the 10 second clap, walks away with his arms up. Dominant performance. Nearly flawless for TJ. I’ve got 30-26.

8:38 Lineker explodes out. Now looking for the last minute KO.

8:36 Some more ground and pound for Dillashaw. Now a heel hook attempt by TJ. Doubt he gets it, but he’ll likely control the last minute.

8:34 TJ slips a Lineker punch, and John threw two punches into thin air. Dillashaw laughed in his face. John get mad, attacks, and TJ shoots for yet another takedown. Dillashaw simply on another level here.

8:34 Slow start to the third. Nothing really happening. Until TJ shoots exactly like he did in rounds one and two. Gets another TD.

8:33 If there’s anyone to come back with a third round KO, it’s Lineker though. Must get the KO, but he could do it.

8:32 And it goes on and on and on. Elbow, hammer fist, elbow, fist, punch, elbow. Mercy. 10-8 Dillashaw there. 20-17 now on my card.

8:30 TJ continuing some nasty GNP. This could wind up being a 10-8.

8:29 Couple excellent shot elbows. Oh! And now three more. Lineker looks completely lost on the bottom. And even more hammer fists now.

8:27 TJ with a couple good kicks. Shoots in, nice takedown again. TJ just looks WAY faster. In control again here.

8:25 Finally Lineker explodes forward, got countered. Then asks for crowd support.

8:24 Lineker back up but took punishment getting there.

8:23 TJ in half guard with a bit of ground and pound. Now he’s got a hold of his neck, but lets go. TJ dominating on top.

8:23 TJ shoots in, brilliant takedown. Lineker just looks a little slow and flat footed thus far.

8:22 Another wacky high kick, Lineker takes him down, but right back up is TJ.

8:21 TJ goes for a wild roundhouse kick. Misses, but not taken advantage of by John.

8:18 Boy, this is a fun fight. I’m really looking forward to this one. Here we go.

8:17 This is kind of a cool little 135 pound tournament. Winners face winners losers face losers. No matter what we get four good fights. Cruz, Garbrandt, Lineker, Dillashaw. Though, if Dom wins easily, a fight with Mighty Mouse is the best fight for him after tonight.

8:13 Dillashaw -210 Lineker +180 Over 2.5 -210 Under +180. This fight is so similar to the title fight between Cruz/Garbrandt. If Dillashaw can stay away from that one mega Lineker punch, he’ll win on the cards. If not, we are in for another highlight KO. I think TJ uses distance well, and picks him apart with counters. Dillashaw UD is the pick.

8:11 Definitely more fans for Cody than Dom. My guess is because the crowd has more women than a normal UFC non-Ronda card. Cody is attractive… so they tell me.

8:10 Well, Tarec just didn’t do enough to win. Neither guy could be upset if that one didn’t go their way. Boring fight.

8:09 30-27 Tarec, 29-28 Kim, 29-28 Kim.

8:07 I think Kim won that round. I’ve got it 29-28, but it could really be any score you want. Not a single round was controlled by either fighter.

8:05 Kim with a trip, but it lasted about two seconds. Back to the clinch. This fight has been in a tight clinch against the cage for about 12 of the 14 minutes.

8:03 Kim just refuses to learn. Every time Tarec punches, Kim slips it, but gets caught in a clinch. Tarec controlling this round as well.

8:02 Kim needs to start firing first. Exactly what he does to start the round. Nothing really lands though and Tarec grabs him. Back to the clinch.

8:01 I’ll say Tarec 20-19, but that round could have gone the other way. No punch in that round would have hurt me, and I got hurt getting out of my car this afternoon.

8:00 Really not a lot going on. Every time Kim gets in close, Tarec grabs him.

7:58 Kim keeps getting baited into the clinch. Not where he wants to be. Tarec winning another round here.

7:57 Classic Tarec fight, he backs away and picks his spots to counter. Kim not doing much to throw him off either.

7:55 Kim with a nice left off the bell.

7:54 A clinch and yet another trip by Saffiedine. Tarec going to be up 10-9 after one here.

7:52 Back and forth “action” here, no one really asserting themselves.

7:50 Nice trip by Tarec, but Kim straight back up. Then he does it again. Tarec in control early.

7:49 Kim -155 Saffiedine +135 Over 2.5 -185. Love Stun Gun here. (That’s Kim)

7:48 Phew I made it back. Kim vs. Saffiedine.

7:35 30-27, 30-26 x2 Ray Borg. Ok, so he got two 10-8s on the cards. I’m good with that. I need pizza, I’ll be back.

7:34 Ok, one more miss weight complaint. Borg won that fight on muscle, but he was 2.5 pounds over. Would he have been if he came in at 126?  Doubt it, cause Borg was just so much better, but you never know. In moments they’ll tell us it’s 30-27 Borg.

7:31 Smolka gets out of it, but Borg still controls. Louis never really had a chance to get his wild stuff going. Really really impressive wrestling display by Borg. 80 seconds left.

7:30 And there it is. Borg now in complete control. On his back, then back to half guard. Unless something changes really quickly, it’ll be a clear 30-27. Borg now with a choke, can Smolka survive?

7:29 Smolka throws a couple hard shots, one hits, then Borg says, “enough” and grabs him, we’re back to the fence, same story as the last two rounds. Borg will eventually get him to the ground and dominate.

7:28 Have to go for broke here if you are Smolka.

7:26 Smolka finally turns him, looks for a choke, but Borg sneaks his neck out. Best Smolka has done all night. It’s going to be 20-18 Borg in 20 seconds.

7:25 Smolka grabs his ankle looking for the lock, not going to happen, may help him get out. Nope! Borg explodes back with a punch and now has top position again.

7:24 Lotta nothing in the first minute of the second round. Finally Borg shoots in and gets the takedown. Smolka has not had a chance to throw his hands at all.

7:22 Smolka’s eye got cut up pretty bad early in the round. Not quite sure when it happened.

7:21 Borg now has Smolka’s arm. Real close to locking in the armbar, but had to give it up as Smolka scrambled. Bog dominating the round by wrestling control.

7:20 Smolka finally gets back up, immediately thrown back to the ground.

7:19 Borg now on top of Smolka, then transitions to his back. No damage really being done though.

7:18 Not much early here. One knee from Borg, that’s about it.

7:16 Here we go. Hard to watch these little guys from up here, but I’ll try my best.

7:11 Borg weighed in yesterday at 129.5. Here’s the problem I have, if Smolka loses to him, it counts the very same as if he lost to a guy that actually weighed in. I get that they lose a portion of the purse, but I judge guys of W-L not how much money they made. Think there’s a flaw there and it bothers me. This is the last guy to miss weight tonight, so I’ll step off the soapbox now.

7:08 Very very Pro-Rousey crowd. Place was loud when they first showed her.

7:02 Borg -125 Smolka +105 Over 2.5 -130 Under 2.5 +110. I think Smolka’s power rocks Borg at some point and he stops the fight. Would not be surprised in the least if Borg wins this though.

7:01 Ok, pay per view time. Little fellas first. Ray Borg vs. Louis Smolka. Super tight fight, should be a good one to kick off the final PPV of the year.

6:58 Good job judges. You got that right. Magny did way more on the bottom. Took down a lot, but he did way more of the damage.

6:57 29-28 x3 Magny.

6:55 Round ends the same way round one did. Neil’s legs locked around Hendricks’ neck. Magny lands a bundle of hard elbows. I’ve got 29-28 Neil. Doubt the judges agree.

6:54 Hendricks picks Neil up, carries him to the center of the ring, and slams him down. Crowd loves it. I don’t think it’s enough to win this round.

6:53 Another good kick by Magny. In control, but Hendricks finds a way to drag him to his knees.

6:52 Very good knee by Neil, now in the clinch. Neil ahead 90 seconds in.

6:49 Round over. I’ve got 19-19, I bet you the judges have 20-18 Hendricks… at least two of them.

6:48 Hendricks with a third takedown in the round. Unless something huge happens, it’ll be 19-19 on my card.

6:47 Magny back up, instantly thrown back to the ground. Hendricks not landing anything too debilitating, but he’s winning the round easily.

6:45 Neil kind of falls to his knees kind of on his own, but it put him in a bad spot. Hendricks controlling the round so far.

6:43 Magny locks in a brutal leg triangle on the neck and lands a couple of nasty elbows on the top of the forehead. I scored it 10-9 Neil, I think these judges will have it opposite.

6:40 Twice now Hendricks has thrown a punch that has sent Magny backwards. Both looked like misses to me, but the crowd (judges too?) disagreed. Magny now jumps guard. Hendricks doing nothing on top, but in control.

6:39 Hendricks comes forward and lands one good one. Then Magny hits two good kicks.

6:38 I hate when guys miss weight. He missed by 2.5 pounds. Just seems so unfair.

6:35 Man, Hendricks needs this one bad. Not sure what happens to him if he loses this. Back to the Steakhouse I would guess. (He owns a Steakhouse in Texas)

6:32 Magny -200 Hendricks +175 Over 2.5 -185 Under 2.5 +165. Big Rig’s time in this division is over, and Magny is going to prove it right here. I’ve got Neil by Decision, but it’ll be an overwhelming one.

6:30 Neil Magny vs. Johny Hendricks is next. Hendricks missed weight for this fight.

6:27 That fight was miserable, almost as bad as Carlos Junior’s walkout music.

6:26 29-28 x3. Carlos Junior.

6:24 Fight is now over. I’ve got 29-28 Carlos Junior.

6:23 Junior shoots in again against the cage, Vettori holds him there. Think it comes down to control in the 1st and 3rd rounds. This really could go either way.

6:21 Carlos Junior gets the takedown. Does nothing with it. This one could be headed for a decision and it’s really anyone’s guess.

6:20 Clinched up against the cage. Very even round thus far.

6:18 Round ends with Vettori kicking Carlos Junior in the butt and Junior saying it didn’t hurt. I’ve got 19-19.

6:16 Finally Vettori with a flurry. He’s now on top with some vicious ground and pound. Vettori taking control here.

6:15 This fight is awful. If I could score it 9-9 both times I would.

6:13 Another takedown by Carlos Junior, but Vettori straight back up again.

6:12 – Carlos finally gets the takedown, but Vettori jumps right back up. Very odd round, I’ll give it to Carlos for the one TD. 10-9 Carlos Junior. A second round! Weird.

6:10 Nice body kick by Carlos, shoots in grabs his leg and drives him to the fence. Vettori refuses to be taken down though.

6:08 Now another eye poke. So the count is Eye Pokes 1-1, Groin kicks 1-0 Vettori. Vettori is winning the actual fight, but not by much.

6:07 And now a groin kick. All we need is a headbutt for the trifecta.

6:06 Ok, back on.

6:05 Eye poke by Carlos Junior about 15 second in. It’s a bad one. This could be bad.

6:03 Chubby Checker- The Twist? That’s the song Carlos Junior picks? C’mon bro. A song from 1960. I’m taking Vettori now.

6:01 Against my better judgement, I’ll make a pick. Carlos Junior, decision.

5:59 Carlos Junior -130 Vettori +110 Over 2.5 Rounds -120 Under 2.5 +100

5:58 Ok, we are back! Marvin Vettori vs. Antonio Carlos Junior.

5:40 Buffer alerts us that the next fight is not for another 20 minutes. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate when fights are on free TV. I’ll be back in a bit.

5:39 “I want to compete, I want to make some money. Happy New Year everyone.” -Alex Garcia. Nice.

5:38 Alex Garcia by KO at 3:34 in first round.

5:37 Pyle’s head slammed into the mat on the way down too. Double whammy.  Going to take a lot to overtake Garcia for Knockout of the Night tonight.

5:36 Never said I was good at picking fights. Hey, this is probably a good time to tell you to tune into my show… Usually Wrong with Ken Boehlke, Sunday at 8:00 AM.

5:35 Killer overhand right puts Pyle completely out. Ref stops it instantly. Mercy!

5:35 Garcia drops him! It’s all over!

5:33 Pyle shakes him off and they are back up.

5:32 Garcia works into side control but not doing a ton with it. Really not a lot going on here.

5:31 Fighters are about a combined 0 for 40 punches before finally Garcia lands one. Pyle grabs his neck and jumps guard. Garcia on top.

5:29 Fact: I just picked a 41 year old to win a fight, and I’m comfortable with it.

5:26 Hahaha, Garcia comes out to the Day-Oh song. Come Mr. Tallyman, tally me banana. Six foot, seven foot, eight foot bunch. DAY OH!!!

5:25 It’s Pyle/Garcia.

5:22 Well, I think that’s the next fight. A lot of documents I have say it’s Vettori vs. Carlos Junior. But the one I was handed by the UFC media people has Garcia/Pyle. Could be anything.

5:19 Next up is Alex Garcia vs. Mike Pyle. Garcia -200 Pyle +170. Over 1.5 Rounds -145 Under +125. I like both dogs here. Pyle by Decision is the pick.

5:16 A lot of younger females in the building tonight. Has a bit of a Bieber concert feel to it when they show Ronda.

5:14 Price’s instructor gives him a brown belt in the ring. Hmm, not the right place for that for me.

5:13 Damn! Now they said it was an arm triangle. Should have trusted myself and not the weird angle replay I saw.

5:13 Niko Price by Submission at 4:30 of the first round. I’m impressed.

5:11 Sorry it’s hard to type and see sometimes. Welcome to the UFC Nike Price. That’s an excellent debut showing with a first round Submission of a very good fighter.

5:10 And he gets the tap! Thatch taps, turns out it was a read naked, not a triangle.

5:09 Thatch nearly escapes, but Price hops right back on his back, almost gets a choke but has to abandon. Now trying for a triangle from the top.

5:08 Thatch grabs his arm from the bottom, nearly sinks in an elbow lock, but then Niko turns it around and has a head and arm choke. Wacky round.

5:07 Great knee in the clinch by Thatch, he’s then tripped by Price though and Niko is on top. Three minutes to go.

5:06 Quick clinch in the middle of the ring, both hit nice shots as they break.

5:05 Fight’s on.

5:04 Price is a really angerous guy making his UFC debut. But Thatch is no joke. I’ll take Brandon in the first. TKO.

5:03 Thatch -150 Price +130. Under 1.5 Rounds -140 Over +120.

5:01 Ok we are now on FS1 free TV (assuming you have cable). It’s Brandon Thatch vs. Niko Price.

4:58 There was a recent tweak to the rules in August of this year. From… “Essentially the old definition still applies with an exception that for a hand to make a fighter grounded, both palms, both fists, or a palm and a fist must be touching the canvas.” Still think a knee qualifies pretty clearly as grounded. Interested to see what comes from this. I will say this though, attacking the media on the microphone immediately after a questionable No Contest/DQ is not a good way to get the media on your side. I don’t care what he said, to me it should have been a DQ.

4:55 Cowboy was down on one knee, Means hit him with a right knee to the head, then a left knee to the head. Ref stopped it there calling for a time out. Cowboy couldn’t continue. They said the knees were accidental which is completely ridiculous because he clearly meant to throw both of them and landed them square on the head. That absolutely should be a DQ. Sorry Joe, I think you had this one wrong.

4:53 To me, that was illegal. Here’s the rules as I know them (plus a Google search). The Unified Rules of mixed martial arts describes a “downed” fighter as a fighter who has more than just the soles of their feet on the ground. The Association of Boxing Commissions website defines a downed fighter as, “A grounded opponent is any fighter who has more than just the soles of their feet on the ground.

4:51 Means takes a strong jab at the media. Now I really think it was illegal. How dare you pick on us!

4:50 Apparently it may have actually been legal. According to Rogan.

4:49 Here comes the decision. They call it accidental. It’s a No Contest.

4:48 Fight is over for sure. They are putting Cowboy on a stretcher.

4:47 Cowboy is now spitting up blood on his stool. They’ve got to call this. What they rule it is the question. I think it’s a DQ win for Cowboy.

4:46 I doubt this fight continues.

4:45 Horrible illegal knees to a grounded opponent by Means. Cowboy was effectively knocked out as he tried to get to his feet and fell back down.

4:44 Oh boy! Means with two illegal knees.

4:43 Means turns him around and ends up with a takedown himself. Interesting first round.

4:42 Cowboy lands a hard shot knocking Means to his knees. Cowboy grabs him and takes him down, now on his back against the fence.

4:41 Lots of dancing around by Cowboy, he finally shoots in and Means hooks up into a semi judo throw. Wound up on top, but couldn’t do anything with it. Cowboy back up.

4:41 Here we go. Means and Cowboy is underway!

4:38 Always amazes me how many folks are in their seats for the first fight of the night at UFC cards. Go to a boxing match, it’s a ghost town.

4:33 – Yay! Fights! Hype videos! Means and Cowboy are about to make their way to the ring… after they tell us why we should care.

4:30 – People keep telling me it’s Friday. I’m still trying to figure out why this is so significant. Name another sport that cannot move it’s “games” away from their normal day? People who want to see this fight are going to see it. People who don’t care won’t. And people who want to know the results but don’t want to pay, will read this.

4:29 – I like Cowboy by decision. Means is gong to give him a good fight, but that last win over Will Brooks by Cowboy told me a lot. This guy is legit, and he’ll put that on display to kick off UFC 207.

4:26 – Tim “Dirty Bird” Means vs. Alex “Cowboy” Oliveira is up first available only on Fight Pass. Cowboy (gonna call him that from here on out cause Oliveira is hard to spell) is a -140 favorite. Over 2.5 rounds -125.

img 4690 UFC 207: Ronda Rousey vs. Amanda Nunes   Live Blog

4:01 – It’s a really gloomy day outside here in Vegas, and honestly this tonight’s main event has that same feel to it. No one really knows what Ronda we are going to see. Plus, many believe this is the final time we;ll ever see her in the octagon, win or lose. Should be interesting, but there’s no doubt the sky over T-Mobile Arena matches the feel inside.

3:55 – If you want to see my picks for the main card, click this. If not, don’t, they’ll probably all be wrong anyway.

3:54 – Hi! About 30 minutes from the first fight, I’m settled in and ready to cover it all.


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