LAS VEGAS (AP) — Union members are calling the public to boycott Donald Trump’s businesses nationwide because he isn’t negotiating a contract with Las Vegas hotel workers.

UNITE HERE announced the effort this week. The group is the parent organization of the Culinary Union, which represents about 57,000 Las Vegas-area hospitality workers.

Workers at Trump’s hotel voted in December to unionize, but management hasn’t started bargaining with them. The Culinary Union and its partners have held marches outside the resort to pressure the company to act, and events supporting the boycott are scheduled in Waikiki, San Francisco and Chicago in coming weeks.

Union officials say workers at Trump’s hotel earn about $3 less per hour compared with their counterparts on the Las Vegas Strip.

Company officials didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

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Comments (2)
  1. John Schmidt says:

    I we’re suppose to ‘Boycott’ Trump businesses in order to punish The Donald. My question is who will lose in the long run when business falls off and not as many workers are needed? Sort of like a strike…nobody wins.

  2. Benjamin Bell says:

    Unions are communist organizations anyway. In the 1950’s if you belong to a Union you had to register as belonging to the Communist Party. Things have change since then, but they are still communist organizations. In a Right to Work state as Nevada is Trump doesn’t have to bargain with communist. Also when the Cuttery Union took Mayor Goodman to Court the Court told the Union that they couldn’t tell the City of Las Vegas how to spent public money, as those budgets are done a year in advance.

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