LAS VEGAS (AP) — Nevada airwaves have become an all-out warzone as the state’s Senate race shapes up to be one of the most competitive and pivotal in the country.

Outside groups, candidates and political parties had spent about $25 million on TV ads for the race by the end of August. Ad buying sources tracking the commercials say more than $13 million comes from groups favoring Republican Rep. Joe Heck. More than $11 million in spending supports Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto.

The outcome of the race for Sen. Harry Reid’s seat could determine which party controls the U.S. Senate.

Outside groups that are withholding money from Republican Donald Trump have focused their resources on key Senate races.

The relatively low cost of running commercials statewide in Nevada also fuels the flood of ads.

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  1. HAROLD says:

    Outside groups have put democrat catherine cortez masto down in the ads and the only one that is stating that they are wrong, is her with her own ads. WHO YOU GOING TO BELIEVE THEM OR HER.

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