LAS VEGAS (AP) — A Las Vegas exterminator who was stung by bees hundreds of times has died weeks after the attack.

The Clark County coroner’s office confirmed Monday that 49-year-old Jose Moreno Pacheco died Aug. 18 at a hospital.

County spokeswoman Stacey Welling says Pacheco wasn’t wearing protective clothing as he removed bees from a home on Aug. 4. Other exterminators were wearing protective clothing at the time and weren’t injured.

Firefighters in special gear pulled him out of the swarm and took him to a hospital.

It’s unclear what kind of bees attacked Pacheco.

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  1. WHY was this man not wearing protective bee clothing like the other men? He should NEVER have been on that job. Or was he extra manpower from Home Depot’s parking lot and they didn’t have a suit for him? Did these ‘exterminators’ even have a business license? Too many unanswered questions here. I have a good guess, but no one wants to acknowledge the truth here.

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