LAS VEGAS (AP) — Rooftop solar advocates in Nevada had hoped to take their cause directly to voters after a rate hike this year rocked the industry in Nevada.

They gathered more than double the number of voter signatures needed to put a sweeping referendum on the November ballot.

But the Nevada Supreme Court dealt them a major blow this month by unanimously declaring the measure was unfit for a statewide vote.

Now, the pro-rooftop solar forces are regrouping with a more modest, behind-the-scenes focus on swaying state lawmakers.

An effort to restore more favorable rates to existing rooftop solar customers has broad support, while members of an energy task force are meeting Tuesday to discuss what policy changes might make rooftop solar economically workable for new rounds of customers.

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  1. Benjamin Bell says:

    Solar customers should not get a break at all. If they were looking for cheap electrical rates then they should have done what I did. I purchase all energy saving bulbs for my house and purchased smart TV’s to do my video watching and my electric bill is 68.00/mo. and that’s only because I run my air conditioning system.

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