My name is Ruben Kihuen. I am the proud son of a housekeeper and a former farmworker.

My family emigrated from Mexico when I was 8 years old. My parents knew if we worked hard, sacrificed, and played by the rules, in America, we would succeed.

For 23 years, my mother has cleaned hotel rooms in Las Vegas, working tirelessly, without complaint, to provide for her family. In America, she got a decent wage, health care, and the protection of a union – Culinary Local 226.

In America, her youngest son had the opportunity to learn English in public schools, play soccer in public parks, and work his way through an affordable public university.

Today, that 8-year-old is standing here as a State Senator and a candidate for U.S. Congress.

That is the beauty of America.

Donald Trump and Republicans tell a different story about immigrant families. To them, we are “rapists” and “criminals.” They believe in building walls and pitting Americans against each other.

Donald Trump fears us – worse, he incites that fear in others. He must be terrified of me, a Mexican immigrant running for Congress.

The truth Donald Trump doesn’t want you to know is this: Todos somos soñadores – we are all DREAMers.

We dream of more than citizenship.

We, like all Americans, dream of a good education, a good-paying job, to own our own car, our own home, that our kids will breathe clean air, and grow up on safe streets.

We dream of an economy that works for everyone – with a living wage, affordable health care, a secure retirement, and debt-free college.

We dream of our daughters knowing in their heart they, too, can be President of the United States.

Todos somos soñadores – we are all DREAMers.

Hillary Clinton has spent her entire life fighting for our dreams.

Democrats, it’s our time!

Time to reject the fears of Trump, time to take back Congress, time to elect Hillary Clinton, and time to turn our dreams into reality!

Thank you!


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