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UFC 200 Live Blog

This is Ken Boehlke of Usually Wrong on CBS Sports Radio 1140 checking in live from UFC 200 at T-Mobile Arena. The UFC has dubbed this its biggest baddest fight card in promotion history and we’re here to cover the action as it unfolds. This page will be updated constantly through the night. From Lesnar vs. Hunt to Cormier vs. Silva to the very first fight on the Fight Pass prelims Gomi vs. Miller, we’ll have every piece of action.

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11:56 PM – That’s it folks. Thanks for following tonight. Let’s do it again sometime. How’s August 20th sound?

11:55 PM – Anderson Silva sheds a tear and a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has helped him throughout his career.

11:50 PM – Well, Aldo got an interim title tonight. Should we count it? We’ll discuss tomorrow on Usually Wrong with Ken Boehlke. (Not really, just seemed like a good place for plug)

11:49 PM – Amanda Nunes is the only current Brazilian UFC. Weird, but true.

11:47 PM – You would never be able to guess of the fighters on the stage that Anderson Silva is one of the losers tonight. It was never about winning for him in this fight.

11:45 PM – Finally a question for Tate. “One fight doesn’t make or break me.” -Tate

11:43 PM – UFC announces Miesha will be leaving shortly, so ask you questions now. Next three questions go to other fighters. Rude.

11:39 PM – “Now I’m the champion. Whoever Dana White puts in front of me next, I’ll fight them.” -Nunes

11:36 PM – Question for Nunes. Says she used patience to win the fight.

11:35 PM – Amanda Nunes, the new Women’s Bantamweight champion has been in the tent for nine minutes and not a signle person has asked her a question. Tate has been here for four, nothing for her either. Main event?

11:32 PM – Miesha Tate just arrived with a hood up and a towel over her nose. Cormier offered her condolences.

11:31 PM – “The risk vs. the reward was not in my favor honestly.” -Cormier

11:28 PM – “Tonight was really just a challenge for me.” -Anderson SilvaIMG_3455

11:26 PM – Amanda Nunes enters with the belt and a huge ice bag on her hand. She grabbed a bottle of water and literally could not twist off the cap. Mark Hunt opened it for her. Chivalry lives people.

11:24 PM – “I am (willing to fight in Mexico City again). I am. I want the winner of Stipe and Overeem.” -Cain Velasquez

11:21 PM – “It would have been catastrophic if I had lost tonight. I did what I had to do.” -Cormier

11:20 PM – “I think we need to see what happens with Jon (before we decide what we are going to do next)” -Daniel Cormier

11:19 PM – Daniel Cormier, Anderson Silva, Mark Hunt, Jose Aldo, Cain Velasquez, and Julianna Pena are here.

11:17 PM – Largest attendance and gate in Las Vegas history. Hooray T-Mobile Arena!

11:05 PM – Dan Henderson vs. Michael Bisping is scheduled… hopefully in Manchester, England. Excited?

10:59 PM – Brock is gone. More fighters are supposed to come in a few minutes.

10:58 PM – On fighting again. “never say never I guess.”

10:57 PM – “If you don’t stick your neck out you are never going to get ahead.” -Lesnar

10:55 PM – There’s one thing that’s always been unmistakable about Brock Lesnar. He knows how to handle a microphone.

10:51 PM – “There aint a guy in the UFC heavyweight division I can’t take down.” -LesnarIMG_3448

10:50 PM – “You can write what you want to write, but I think I’m the toughest son of a *****.” -Lesnar

10:49 PM – “Let’s get one thing straight. Brock Lesnar does what Brock Lesnar wants to do.” -Brock Lesnar

10:48 PM – Brock Lesnar has entered to answer questions from the media.

10:44 PM – We have posted a recap of the event. It’s already outperforming this 7 hour long live blog. #Blessed

10:42 PM – The two co-main events, Lesnar/Hunt and DC/Silva had combined ages of 80 and 78 years.

10:32 PM – I’ve changed my mind. Lesnar/Fedor. Make that happen. Then they can both go away.

10:28 PM – Media folks everywhere scrambling though their phones trying to find pictures of Amanda Nunes. Just be safe everyone, post pics of Brock instead.

10:22 PM – I’m in the tent. We are waiting for fighters. Probably going to be quite a bit. Wonder if Anderson will be here. IMG_3447

10:10 PM – Ok people, I’m heading down to the interview room for post fight interviews. I’ll be back in about 20 minutes with a bunch more. I’m not done yet!!!

10:08 PM – Everyone has a loss. Honestly, the women’s Strawweight division might be the more interesting division.

10:05 PM – The division is now a complete mess. Holm is fighting someone else (Valentina Shevchenko) later this month. Ronda is still not ready to come back. They’ve forced title fights, and the belt is now a revolving door.

10:03 PM – Remember October of last year. Ronda Rousey was the greatest female athlete of all time. In nine months, we’ve had three new champions. Holly Holm, Miesha Tate, and now Amanda Nunes.

10:02 PM – Amanda Nunes is the new women’s Bantamweight Champion.

10:01 PM – An absolute blast to the fast of Tate by Nunes. Tate loses her balance and falls on her own. Now Tate grabs her neck! It’s a guillotine! Nunes wins!

10:00 PM – Tate with her first takedown attempt. Gets her down, barely, but right back to the feet.

9:58 PM – We are underway. Tate vs. Nunes.

9:56 PM – He said it! IT’S TIME!!!

9:51 PM – The main event is being set up with a Katy Perry song. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. Last one. I swear. I’m actually excited for this. I’m not kidding.

9:50 PM – Ok, I’m done with the Amanda Nunes isn’t popular stuff. Time for her and Cupcake Tate to put on a show and make one or the other (or both if it’s amazing) stars. You two may never get this stage again. Take advantage and make us never forget UFC 200, the bigges… fine. I’ll stop.

9:48 PM – Nunes making her way out. Is that what she looks like? Can’t say I knew that.

9:45 PM – Hate to say it, but this main card has been incredibly underwhelming. Edgar/Aldo was not great. Silva/DC was exactly what it had to be, but kind of boring. Lesnar/Hunt was a little on the boring side except for the fact that a dog came through. Cain/Browne was great. They could really use a vintage Amanda Nunes KO that America has come to know and love… oh wait. Nevermind. I hope this is a good fight either way. The card could use it.

9:43 PM – The main event is next! Amanda Nunes! The main event of UFC 200…the biggest…baddest…fight card in UFC history… is next, and it features Amanda Nunes.

9:40 PM – Amazing shoutout to the police force around the country by Brock. Just as incredible a performance from the former champ… though it was a bit boring. Sorry.

9:39 PM – You know what, I think Brock Lesnar may win the title in his next fight. I know I said the Cain/Browne was an eliminator, but I never saw this coming.

9:38 PM – Unanimous decision. 29-27. Lesnar.

9:35 PM – Crowd goes wild. Brock Lesnar is back and just won in the UFC octagon. He’ll be at SummerSlam next month (I think, I don’t care about the fake stuff).

9:34 PM – Lesnar is going to win this 29-28. He’s dominated this entire round with ground and pound.

9:33 PM – Into full mount! Brock is going to win this fight unless they stand them back up.

9:32 PM – Brock in a great spot but for my money not doing much.

9:31 PM – Brock gets him against the cage. And down! Lesnar in control. Wins the fight if he can keep it here for four minutes.

9:30 PM – Round 3. Go!

9:29 PM – Hunt stalks Brock around the ring for 4:30. Landing a few punches nothing of note. Brock shoots finally with :30 to go. Semi-stuffed up against the cage. Hunt wins the round. It’s 19-19 and Hunt looks like he has more energy. One takedown though and Lesnar may win this fight.

9:24 PM – An absolute disastrous round for Hunt.

9:23 PM – Hunt finally gets up after a flurry of nasty ground and pound. Brock shoots at him again and once again takes him town. That bordered on 10-8. I’ll say 10-9 Lesnar though.

9:21 PM – Brock gets him down again. Going to win round one from the looks of it.

9:20 PM – Brock finally shoots a takedown. Takes him down for about five seconds. Hunt back up but pressed against the cage.

9:18 PM – Odds are heavily favored for this not to go the distance. We shall see.

9:17 PM – Not introduced as the co-main event. Just straight into the names of the fighters.

9:16 PM – These are big people about to fight.

9:14 PM – It’s your classic entrance. Enter Sandman is the song. Not his WWE entrance song. It’s very loud, but nothing different than anyone else. Lies!! It’s all a big lie!!!

9:13 PM – Time to see what they cooked up for Brock’s entrance. I’ve been promised something good. Make my day.

9:12 PM – Hunt entering first. Honestly, it feels like an away team. Very little applause, the song is underwhelming, lights went down but not out. No question what the UFC wants to happen here… but having it actually happen is a different beast.

9:10 PM – The question now is which Brock will we see. Is he the same guy? Close? Or is he about to get punched in the face by a massive man with insanely powerful hands.

9:08 PM – Here we go! Hype video for Lesnar/Hunt.

9:05 PM – UFC playing a rap song where the lyrics are basically just repeating R.I.P Kimbo Slice.

9:04 PM – Brock Lesnar vs. Mark Hunt is next. Let’s see if this Lesnar entrance lives up to the hype. Make no mistake, this is the real main event. Sorry girls (and UFC).

9:01 PM – “Thank you, thank you for everything.” -Anderson Silva. Crowd responds with yet another huge ovation. Are they going to boo if Brock loses too? I’m very confused.

9:00 PM – Silva gets a massive ovation from the crowd. This is one of the oddest things I’ve ever seen. Cormier wins, easily, and gets booed. Silva getting all the love after losing badly. I get it, I love Anderson too, but don’t take it out on DC. It’s not fair. Boo Jon Jones, not Daniel Cormier.

8:58 PM – “I did what I had to do.” -Cormier

8:57 PM – Unanimous decision. 30-26 Cormier. Crowd boos incredibly loudly. Not his fault guys. Come on. This is bogus.

8:55 PM – Silva is lifted on the shoulders of his coach and carried around the octagon. Fans go nuts! It’s DC in a unanimous decision without question though. Tons of respect as DC hugs the Spider.

8:54 PM – Ref stands them back up. Dance around, then Anderson lands a nasty kick to the body. Looked like DC was hurt momentarily. Anderson races in for the kill. DC grabs him and ends the fight.

8:52 PM – Don’t get me wrong, I love Anderson. He’s one probably the main reason I do what I do covering the UFC, he got me into the sport, but this was a brutal matchup for him and he simply wanted one pay day before he rode off into the breeze.

8:50 PM – Anderson fires away a few nasty looking punches and a viscous up-elbow. Cormier again says he’s seen enough and puts him easily on his back. Crowd livid with Cormier’s performance, even though it’s exactly what Daniel had to do in this fight. If they are standing DC is in a tiny bit of danger, on the ground he’s not.

8:48 PM – Anderson gets off some fun spider style punching and kicking, then DC decides he’s seen enough and pushes him against the cage. It’s at least 20-17 Cormier, maybe even 20-16.

8:47 PM – Cormier continues his ground and pound. Then in a turn of events the ref stands them up.

8:44 PM – Silva with a couple vintage kicks to the head (blocked) of Cormier. Then DC catches one and puts Anderson on his back as if we weighs about 20+ pounds more than his opponent. Which as it turns out, he does.

8:43 PM – Stylistically this fight was not going to be fun to watch if DC was able to do what he wanted. That’s what is happening and the crowd is realizing it. They’re not thrilled.

8:42 PM – Just constant pressure on the ground from Cormier. Silva just waiting for the bell to ring so he can stand back up. Pretty sure they’ll end up here in about 60 seconds or less next round though.

8:40 PM – Silva has no where to go stuck under DC.

8:38 PM – Lots of dancing by Anderson as Cormier stalks him down. Cormier shoots and easily takes the Spider down.

8:37 PM – Undisputed champion is what they said for Cormier. Guess that interim belt is gone from Jones.

8:36 PM – A fight between a 37 year old champ and a 41 year old former champ at a different weight class. Weird, but cool.

8:34 PM – Honestly don’t see a path to victory for Anderson, but this is the biggest baddest fight card in UFC history. (I said it again!) So you never know.

8:32 PM – On two days notice, the Spider is in the octagon ready to fight Daniel Cormier. Crowd goes absolutely nuts when he stepped in.

8:28 PM – DMX Ain’t No Sunshine. Love it. Here comes the Spider.

8:27 PM – Unbelievable hype video about Jon Jones getting pulled and Anderson Silva stepping in. Cormier/Silva is next!

8:23 PM – Really neat History of the UFC video shows again on the cover that dropped down over the octagon. Kind of hard to watch on a 16 sided screen though.

8:18 PM – Aldo says he has one goal, the next time he steps in the octagon he will beat Conor McGregor.

8:17 PM – Video board shows Conor McGregor and gets larger ovation than at any point during the Interim Title Fight.

8:16 PM – Unanimous Decision to Aldo.

8:15 PM – Dana is in the octagon with the interim belt.

8:13 PM – Smattering of boos as the fight comes to a close. I’ll say Aldo wins it four rounds to one. But if it’s Edgar four rounds to one, I wouldn’t be stunned. No clear winner at all here.

8:08 PM – Aldo nearly drops Edgar with a strong late punch. Another close one, another won round for Jose on the Usually Wrong by Ken Boehlke card. 39-37.

8:07 PM – Aldo once again landing more but nothing of major significance. I can hear Conor already, “the fedder-weight division needs me.”

8:02 PM – Scorecards are all over the place. I’ve seen 30-27 for both guys and everything in between. Someone please win this fight so we don’t have to deal with the judges.

8:01 PM – Late knee kind of hunched over Edgar. Aldo gets that round on my scorecard, but I’ll tell you this, if I was a judge for this fight, my scorecard would be just a bunch of smudges.

7:55 PM – Round ends with another Edgar takedown stuffed by Aldo. Then a few wild (missed) kick attempts from Frankie. Both had a few good shots. I’ll give the round to Aldo. 19-19.

7:53 PM – Edgar now 0 for 4 on takedowns now. But did land a nice punch to Aldo’s chin.

7:51 PM – Another two minutes of very little landing. Anyone’s fight if they can land something.

7:50 PM – Media around me think Aldo may have stole the round.

7:49 PM – Very little of anything in that round. Maybe a total of 40 strikes landed. But the last 10 seconds were lit! Both guys throwing wild haymakers. None landed but a lot to look forward to. I’ll go 10-9 Edgar, but I really hope that round doesn’t determine the fight.

7:45 PM – Long feel out process here. Almost nothing thrown by either guy.

7:42 PM – Aldo getting booed.

7:41 PM – This is a title fight, so it’s five rounds… assuming we need em. They black out the lights and light up the octagon for the intros, looks incredible.

7:39 PM – Wasn’t planning on making a bunch of picks tonight, but Edgar 1st round KO looks nice here. Not sure Aldo is ready to get back in there seven months after the disaster :13 loss to McGregor.

7:38 PM – Frankie Edgar is in the octagon. Jose Aldo walking out now. Still disappointed he had to oull out of UFC 189, Rihanna was scheduled to do his walkout song live. That would have been awesome.

7:28 PM – Interim Featherweight Championship next. Jose Aldo vs. Frankie Edgar.

7:25 PM – 4:57 TKO for Velasquez. Three more seconds Browne gets to keep fighting, probably for the better he didn’t make it to the bell.

7:24 PM – He didn’t make it to the bell. Velasquez finishes Browne a mere seconds before the bell. Would have been a 10-8 round, instead it’s a dominant 4:58 second TKO for Cain.

7:23 PM – Browne is in HUGE trouble!

7:21 PM – Cain with an insane wheel kick that dazed Browne. He then hit him with some punches and is now on top of Browne. 1:45 to go in round one.

7:20 PM – Both trading a few big shots early. Cain getting the better though.

7:17 PM – Cain is -300 in this fight and has the massive crowd support at T-Mobile Arena. Major test for Browne but if he pulls it off, it would be career changing.

7:15 PM – Buffer has changed into a black suit. Disappointing, the white one was majestic.

7:12 PM – Certainly feels like a title eliminator. Winner of this can sit and wait for their shot.

7:10 PM – Promo video for Cain Velasquez vs. Travis Browne. Main card about to get going.

7:06 PM – Fight Pass prelims – 3 first round KO’s. FS1 Prelims – 4 decisions. Main Card – ???

7:04 PM – Awesome ovation for the fight intro video. This crowd is jacked up.

7:02 PM – The fight intro video is being shown on the curtain around the octagon. The T-Mobile Arena big screen is off.

7:01 PM – They just lowered a white curtain over the entire octagon. We cannot see any portion of the octagon at this moment. What’s about to happen!?!

7:00 PM – The main card is about to get underway. But first, the UFC heartbeat and then the unbelievable Baba O’Reilly video. If you’ve never been to a UFC event, it’s almost worth it for just those two videos.

6:57 PM – Unanimous decision 29-28 for Pena. Bruce Buffer’s knee is hurt so bad he couldn’t even make it in to the octagon for that decision announcement.

6:56 PM – If you like striking, that was not the fight for you. Pena won the final round pretty convincingly. It’ll come down to the second which I gave to Pena. Huge win for Julianna if so.

6:50 PM – 19-19 for me, but it could easily be 20-18 Zingano. Pena needs a huge round here.

6:49 PM – Pena has turned this thing around here. Controlling Zingano from the back and trying to sink in chokes. Enough to steal the round?

6:46 PM – Two monster takedowns by Zingano as she again controls round two.

6:43 PM – A lot of wrestling. Not a lot of action. Zingano will win the round due to control time and the greater number of takedowns.

6:39 PM – Quick takedown for Zingano. Both women wearing the full shirts. Men everywhere disappointed.

6:34 PM – Cat Zingano vs. Julianna Pena coming up now. Last fight before the biggest baddest PPV yet. Sick of me using that term yet? Get over it, I’m not going to stop.

6:32 PM – 29-28, 30-27, 30-27 Gastelum. Thought Hendricks won the second but there’s no doubt in my mind Gastelum won the fight.

6:30 PM – Decisions don’t tend to go Johny’s way. Don’t think this one will either. Really could go either way but the right decision for me is 29-28 Gastelum.

6:24 PM – Let’s say 19-19. Neither guy particularly looks like they want to take control of this fight.

6:23 PM – Not a ton of output to this point. Hendricks with slightly more.

6:18 PM – Hendricks found his range a bit down the stretch there but pretty clear round win for Gastelum. 10-9.

6:15 PM – Gastelum is lighting him up right now. Looks in total control of the octagon and the fight.

6:12 PM – Huge fight for Hendricks. His career has been fading a bit, a win on this stage could change that in a hurry. A loss… yikes.

6:06 PM – Kelvin Gastelum vs. Johny Hendricks is next. Hendricks missed weight by a quarter of a pound for this fight. Cost him a lot of money.

6:05 PM – I get why the UFC would want to make Cruz Dillashaw 2, but I’d still much prefer Mighty Mouse Cruz 2 instead.

6:03 PM – No post fight interviews on the free TV portion of the card. Wonder why not?

6:02 PM – Unanimous decision. 30-27 Dillashaw.

5:59 PM – Dillashaw ends a round he was winning with a solid double leg. 30-27 should be the score, but the first round really could have gone either way. Few boos from the crowd, not the most exciting fight, especially after the first three.

5:53 PM – Score one knockdown for T.J. Wins the round without question. 20-18 Dillashaw for me. Lots of strong punches in that round from the former Bantamweight Champion. Assuncao may need a finish and I can’t see him getting one.

5:52 PM – Pretty bad cut on Assuncao, doctor checks it, fight on. Dillashaw winning this round easily.

5:47 PM – Dillashaw 10-9 to me, but if there were ever a round to explain why 9-9 rounds should exist in MMA, that was it.

5:45 PM – A ton of lightning fast combinations, not a lot of landing strikes though.

5:40 PM – Dillashaw a -380 favorite. He should get it done but Assuncao is no joke and has a win over Dillashaw a few years ago.

5:36 PM – T.J. Dillashaw vs. Rapael Assuncao. Excellent fight that would probably be at least a co-main event on any other card.

5:33 PM – Was just told the UFC needed to do a walk-through for Brock Lesnar’s entrance. The rumors are they are going to use his WWE song. No clue what this all means, but I’m pumped for it.

5:31 PM – No post fight interview? Everything about that fight was weird. Not the display Northcutt wanted for his return after the L. He won though, so I’m sure he’s happy.

5:30 PM – Unanimous decision, 29-28 to Northcutt.

5:29 PM – Super weird fight. I’ll go Northcutt 29-28.

5:27 PM – Sage taking a bit of control here, but nothing overwhelming as they wind up back in the same position. Northcutt sitting with his back against the cage, Marin in his lap.

5:26 PM – Whoever does something in the next minute or so wins the round. The clock disappeared so I’m not sure how much time is actually left. Crowd booing the stalemates.

5:24 PM – Sage again getting the better of the standup. The only time Northcutt has had any issue in the octagon is when he’s on his back.

5:22 PM – Yet another deep kimura, but Sage escapes again. Marin wins the round though. 19-19.

5:21 PM – Marin has a nasty armbar locked in, punches Northcutt in the face while holding it, and Sage somehow escapes. Now in top position. What the heck are his arms made out of?

5:19 PM – Crowd very engaged tonight. Getting a kick out of the north south position.

5:18 PM – Sage looking great on the feet with quick punching, then tries a takedown for some reason, winds up on his back after an extended tussle.

5:17 PM – Weird round. Basically just transitions on the ground for a majority of it in which Northcutt got the better of, but not by much. Northcutt 10-9 for me.

5:16 PM – Sage, mounted on Marin’s back, looked to his corner for instruction. I’d recommend beating the guy up more.

5:15 PM – Northcutt now starting to dominate with ground work. Submission attempts all over the place. None successful… yet.

5:14 PM – Marin holding Northcutt up against the cage and now takes Sage down. Sage tries a submission but quickly lets it go. Ends up with top position. Topsy turvy round to this point.

5:12 PM – Don’t blink. Sage fights are fast and furious usually.

5:10 PM – Still find it weird when they say UFC 200… Tate vs. Nunez. I get why they made the decision, but I don’t agree with it. Listen to Usually Wrong with Ken Boehlke tomorrow at 8AM for more. #FreePlug

5:09 PM – Some Christian Rock/Rap here for Sage Northcutt’s walkout. Awesome God by R-Swift. It’s oddly absolutely perfect for him.

5:06 PM – Yay! Fights! Sage Northcutt vs. Enrique Marin is next. Super Sage trying to make up for his disaster against Brian Barbarena his last time out. Northcutt a pretty heavy (-340) favorite here. Watch this one be the first non-first round stoppage of the night.

5:03 PM – The line at Shake Shack is very very long. Not sure if that’s news. But it’s a fact nonetheless. UPDATE: I did not wait in the line. I opted for the BBQ option instead.

5:02 PM – I’m back. First three fights, all first round TKO’s, lasted a total of eight minutes and 16 seconds. Biggest baddest prelims ever!

4:37 PM – Going to be about another 25 minutes til we get another fight when the prelims begin on FS1. Good time for me to go get some dinner.

4:36 PM – Lauzon TKO at 1:26 in the first.

4:35 PM – It all started with a nasty staight left from Lauzon that put Sanchez down, then he just started unloading on the dazed Diego. At one point Lauzon actually stopped, looked at Mark Smith asking if the fight was over. Smith said “No” so Lauzon let go of another barrage of punches. Jeez.

4:34 PM – Another first round stoppage! Lauzon lays it on Sanchez. Wow!

4:32 PM – Lauzon vs. Sanchez is underway.

4:29 PM – A lot of cool little changes to celebrate UFC 200. Gold patches on the fighters shorts, a gold ribbon around the arena, the gold(ish) mat. In the highlight videos moving forward you’ll always be able to identify this event.

4:26 PM – “Sometimes you have to sacrifice your face.” -Joe Lauzon. How can you not love that guy?

4:24 PM – So far 2 for 2 on first round stoppages. Can’t ever complain about that.

4:20 PM – Joe Lauzon vs. Diego Sanchez is next. Very close fight that could go either way.

4:17 PM – That’s why we call my show Usually Wrong with Ken Boehlke. I really liked Santos in that fight.

4:15 PM – Mousasi had Santos down, as Thiago attempted to get up, Mousasi lit him up with a couple massive uppercuts and put him back on his rear end.

4:14 PM – TKO 4:32 of the first round for Gegard Mousasi.

4:14 PM – Mousasi!!! Oh my goodness.

4:11 PM – Mousasi unloads a flurry of punches, almost ends the fight but now in dominant position.

4:09 PM – Santos/Mousasi is underway. +220 dog in Santos is live here.

4:04 PM – Press row is currently in discussions about the gold/mustard/yellow mat. I may be the only person who doesn’t absolutely despise it.

4:02 PM – Gegard Mousasi vs. Diego Sanchez hype video playing. What a great fight this is. Shows how incredible this card is with it being the second fight of the night.

3:54 PM – Just got handed an updated odds sheet. Click the picture on the right to enlarge it. IMG_3444 (1)

3:47 PM – Next fight in “10-12 minutes, so do what you’ve gotta do.”

3:45 PM – Now we probably wait 15-20 minutes til the next fight.

3:42 PM – Microphone problems for Joe Rogan. Crowd having a blast with the failures. Finally they get it to work. Been an issue all week, especially at the UFC 202 press conference with Conor McGregor, Nate Diaz, and Dana White.

3:41 PM – 2:18 in the first round. Jim Miller over Takanori Gomi by TKO.

3:40 PM – And this thing is over. Miller jumps all over Gomi’s back after catching a front kick.

3:38 PM – We are officially underwat. Miller vs. Gomi

3:37PM – Woah! Bruce Buffer’s suit is out of this world. He’s got a white suit coat on with black trim and black pants. I’m too far away to see his shoes but I’m sure they are spectactular too. In about 6 hour’s he’s going to say it. IT’S TIME!

3:34 PM – Takanori Gomi is making his way to the octagon to kick this thing off. Let’s do this!

3:31 PM – First official UFC video of the night playing for the roughly 1,500 people in attendance. The arena is sold out, but not too many made it in for the first fight of the night.

3:27 PM – View from the press box of the brand new T-Mobile Arena.IMG_3440


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