By: Dara Kerr | CNet

One of Uber drivers’ biggest beefs with the ride-hailing company is that they can’t get tips from customers through its app. Vugo, an in-car advertising company, may have a fix.

Vugo launched a new feature on Friday that lets Uber passengers leave drivers a tip with the tap of a button. More than 3,000 Uber drivers use Vugo by displaying its app on a tablet mounted in the backseat of their car. And now — besides ads, news and weather — passengers will also see a “tip your driver” button on the lower left corner of the Vugo app.

“Creating a way for Uber drivers to accept tips electronically seemed like a natural expansion,” Vugo co-founder James Bellefeuille told CNET News.

For Uber drivers, this Vugo feature could be a welcome change. Passengers on the service frequently believe that tips are included in the fare, but they’re not. Uber’s service, which connects passengers with drivers via a smartphone app, is completely cashless. The company touts itself as being hassle-free and hyper-convenient and says one of the hallmarks of such convenience is letting customers have tip-free rides.

That meant that up until now, if a passenger wanted to tip an Uber driver, they had to do it with cash.



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