According to the Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation reported in its 2014 Nevada Occupational Employment & Wages; jobs in technology and management information systems are included in the top 15 paying occupations in Nevada.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics report for 2013 indicate a rise in employment for positions in computer and information systems managers including programmers, analysts, developers, engineers and specialists.

Henry Liu, CEO of Full Spectrum Laser, agrees. “Technology is growing extremely rapidly. Everyone knows about companies like Google and Apple that are creating technology, but not everyone stops to think about how many smaller companies in traditional industries are starting to adopt technology as well. One thing that we see at Full Spectrum Laser and FSL3D is a huge interest in our products from traditional industries such as woodworking (lasers) and jewelry-making (3D Printers).

“I’ve personally seen a huge increase in technology from the education sector. Schools and education advocates are realizing that education is the key to success in today’s tech-driven world and are responding by increasing access to the high-tech tools of tomorrow. One of the keys to creating successful products like our 5th Gen Hobby laser is making powerful technology affordable and easy to use.”

Technology is also perfect field for those who want to enter peripheral fields such as sales, public relations and marketing as well as those who want to create a business in technology. Liu began his startup in his garage and now employs 32 people.

As for positions and careers, Liu explained, “There are many opportunities. An increasing number of people are starting technology companies and taking on entrenched industries. There are many ways for people to participate in this wave of technology: entrepreneurs can spot a problem and create a company to solve it, programmers bring their technical skills and education to bear on the problem, and sophisticated salespeople are helping spread the solution.” According to the 2014 Nevada Occupational Employment & Wages, sales managers are also one of the top 15 paying occupations with an increase in employment.

Debbie Hall is practically a Las Vegas native (37 years and counting) and loves experiencing everything in Southern Nevada from the Las Vegas Strip to the surrounding mountains and Lake Mead. She also teaches at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and loves sharing her knowledge. Her work can be found on

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