(Las Vegas)–An MMA fighter appears to be giving up. Las Vegas police have confirmed Jon Koppenhaver (War Machine) tried to commit suicide in jail.

On Oct. 14 at approximately 9:30 p.m., a corrections officer was conducting routine walk-throughs inside the Clark County Detention Center when he noticed Koppenhaver in a seated position on the floor with his feet resting on the bunk.

The officer also noticed what appeared to be a torn piece of linen around his neck that was tied to the leg of his bunk. He called several times to Koppenhaver but he did not respond.

The officer proceeded into the cell while continuously asking Koppenhaver if he could hear him. The officer quickly observed that Koppenhaver was struggling to breathe and proceeded to cut the ligature from Koppenhaver’s neck.

Additional officers arrived to assist and continued to check Koppenhaver for response.

Koppenhaver’s breathing became less strained and he started to respond to them by attempting to speak. Medical personnel arrived and began to assess Koppenhaver.

It was determined Koppenhaver’s vitals had stabilized and was cleared at approximately 9:45 p.m.

Koppenhaver was moved to medical isolation cell where he was placed on suicide watch.

Officers also located what appeared to be a suicide letter inside Koppenhaver’s cell.

Koppenhaver, an MMA fighter, is in jail after allegedly beating his ex-girlfriend, adult film star Christy Mack.

She suffered broken ribs, a fractured rib and several broken teeth.




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