(Las Vegas, KXNT)-Consider it the “Kickstarter” for classrooms.  Donorschoose.org is changing the way teachers get supplies.

The crowdfunding website helps educators get things they need for projects, everything from iPads to Play-Doh.  Teachers simply go to the website and post what they need.  The public can then look through and pick which project they want to support.  Donorschoose.org’s Chris Pearsall says they have volunteer teachers checking the validity of the project, making sure the supplies requested are in line with the project’s goals.

“Right now in Las Vegas there are 241 projects,” said Pearsall. “On average, a teacher spends $500 a year out of their own pocket to pay for supplies.  Donorschoose.org allows citizen philanthropists to step in and help.”

However, if you are like many who have questions about where your money is going through crowdfunding websites, Pearsall says they have figured out a way to guarantee your money goes towards the project you selected.

“We never send the teacher cash.  Once the project is funded, we will actually purchase the supplies for the teachers and then ship them out, ” explained Pearsall. “The teacher will then send thank you notes and pictures, showing the supplies being used.”

Pearsall says even though their website has been around since 2000, it’s picked up speed in the last couple of years with the growth and popularity of crowdfunding.

“Teachers are just so grateful to the donors that make this possible.”

Click here to take a look at the projects that need funding here in Las Vegas.




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