(Las Vegas, KXNT)- For hundreds of thousands of valley kids, summer is officially over.  Today, 320-thousands students headed back to the classroom to begin the 2014-2015 school year.

“This is the beginning of my vacation,” said parent Mark Grier, who was dropping his two daughters off at school.  “I can’t wait for them to get inside of that classroom.”

While this is CCSD’s largest enrollment, the district is starting off the school year with a few rough spots.  According to Superintendent Pat Skorkowsy, CCSD is still short 550 teachers.

“We have a great plan B in place.  It’s not the best plan, which would be a licensed teacher in every position, but we do have long term subs in almost every position,” explained Skorkowsky. “They get support through lesson planning and those mentor teachers in their building that ensure that every child gets a quality education.”

Skorkowsky says the majority of teachers still needed are for elementary schools.

Overcrowding is another issue the district is battling.  To ease that burden, ten more schools have been converted to the year-round schedule.  Magnet programs have also been expanded to help use buildings that are often not utilized to their full potential.







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