TUCSON, Ariz. (CBS Las Vegas) — A swarm of bees killed two 100-pound dogs in an attack over the weekend.

KOLD-TV reports the attack happened in Lawrence Rios’ yard at his Tucson home Saturday. Rios and his roommate were returning from a bike trip when they noticed a swarm of bees in their yard.

“When I got there, they were just covered in bees,” Rios told KOLD.

Robby DeCesari, Rios’ roommate, says they were both attacked when they tried to reach Gypsy and Atlas.

“We were attacked. We both ran different directions down the street and they attacked us for 200 feet,” he told KOLD. “We couldn’t come near the house after that.”

Rios called 911 and firefighters were able to spray foam in the yard to clear the bees, but it was too late.

“I rushed them to the vet and they were both dead. These were both 100-pound dogs, big dogs,” Rios told KOLD.

Rios also described the torture the dogs went through during the attack.

“One of the dogs was missing the claw on his paw, he had gashes all over his head trying to escape from the backyard to get away from the bees. And the other one was really swollen,” Rios told KOLD.

Rios believes the attack happened after a neighbor plugged the hive that was hidden inside a concrete wall behind his yard.

“Leave the bees alone. Call a professional, let them come out because it could be your kid that dies and not a dog,” Rios told KOLD.

It is not known yet if it was “killer bees” that attacked the two dogs.

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