PHOENIX, Ari. (CBS Las Vegas) – A 72-year-old man is on the move to pick up litter.

Jerry Meyers was told by his doctor to start exercising and started walking and picking up litter along his way. It has now turned into an eight-year ritual.

“I wear out a couple pair of shoes a year, two or three,” Meyers told KPHO-TV. “I’ve had people stop and wanted to give me a ride and I said, ‘No, I just enjoy the exercise.’”

Meyers has met plenty of people along the way.

“I have people wave and honk at me and I don’t know who they are,” Meyers told KPHO. “They’re nice and friendly people and I try to wave when I can.”

He recently met Jack Carlson and the two have become friends.

“It’s between 7,000 and 8,000 miles, which to me is very impressive,” Carlson told KPHO. With the help of a Pay It Forward program, Carlson presented Meyers with $500 cash.

Meyers wanted to donate the money he received to a church but Carlson made him keep it, the station reported. Carlson suggested he put that money towards new sneakers he may need while he does his service to his community.

Meyers told the station that he has always been an active guy but diabetes has slowed him down.

He said he uses inspiration he receives from others while on his walk that helps him go on when he may be too tired or hot to continue.

“People are nice people regardless of your age or what you look like or clothes they wear,” Meyers added. “It’s the person inside. Live a normal life and help one another out if you can.”


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