(Las Vegas, KXNT/AP)- Hailing a ride around town is now just a few clicks away.  Integrity Vehicle Solutions has launched their Ride Genie app which allows customers to hail a ride through their smartphone.

The app, which launched Wednesday, already has 400 black cars, SUVs and limos from several transportation companies working with them.  Unlike Uber, Ride Genie is not a ridesharing app. CEO Mark James says Ride Genie works with transportation companies already in existence in Las Vegas, rather than trying to compete.

“We work with the industry .  These companies do it through a highly regulated system because you need to be kept safe when you are in a car.  There needs to be insurance, the driver needs to be trained…supervised,” explains James.

James says they are currently talking with several cab companies and hope to offer taxi services through their app in the next six to eight weeks.

The app allows users to watch the vehicle’s progress toward them on a map in a style similar to ridesharing apps Uber and Lyft.  Passengers will be able to see approximate fares before hailing a car and will get to pick out their route to a chosen destination.

Ridesharing companies have expressed interest in entering the Las Vegas market, but so far been kept out of town because of heavy regulation.




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