Reality TV star Duane “Dog” Chapman is on the hunt of fugitive criminal, Jon Koppenhaver who has been accused of beating his girlfriend and sending her to the hospital with near life threatening injuries.

Koppenhaver is a mixed martial artist who goes by the nickname “War Machine.” He has been on the run from police since the incident on Friday.

Dog the Bounty Hunter has joined the chase and recently joined FM News 100.5’s Live and Local with Kevin Wall to give an update on his chase of War Machine.

“We’re very close right now. We are waiting for him to make a mistake,” Chapman said.

Chapman announced on Twitter that he and his volunteers would begin their search for War Machine.

“We do have weapons that will drop a rhinoceros to his knees,” of which Chapman threatened to use on Koppenhaver in the event he resists arrest.

“We’ve got traps set everywhere. If he stays in a house and doesn’t come out for 90 days, doesn’t eat or drink, and dies of starvation and malnutrition then that’s up to him, but that’s the only way he can get away from us.”

Kevin Wall and Dayna Roselli’s entire interview with Duane “Dog” Chapman on FM News 100.5 can be found below.


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