Jeanne Marsala RN, Executive Director of the Clark County Safe Kids program and injury prevention coordinator for Sunrise Hospital and Sunrise Children’s Hospital, is pursuing her higher education even though she has attained an executive level in her career.

(Photo Courtesy of Jeanne Marsala RN)

(Photo Courtesy of Jeanne Marsala RN)50

She holds an associate’s degree and a general education bachelor’s degree, offered for those who did not know what they wanted to pursue as a career but wanted to finish their education. She is now enrolled in a bachelor’s and master’s bridge program at Nevada State College. Marsala now would advise anyone pursuing a higher education to have a career in mind.

As for her own goals, “I waited a long time to go back to school for my bachelor’s in nursing because it was not necessary at the time for my career goals. I didn’t realize how important that degree in nursing was and I can tell you it is extremely important if you want to advance in nursing.”

Marsala explained that most hospitals will not consider a candidate applying to become a manager in any managerial position without holding a bachelor’s degree in nursing; and will not consider a candidate looking to become a director unless they hold a master’s degree.

Marsala encourages others to pursue their higher education for their own accomplishment and that is one of the reasons she is going back to school now. “I want to improve myself. An associate’s degree in nursing only taught me how to be a bedside nurse. A bachelor’s degree teaches about administration and how to manage, do research and the other responsibilities.”

Marsala did learn as she advanced in her career but admitted that she had to learn on her own by trial and error, which is the hard way. She said that had she realized a long time ago what she would have learned with a more advanced degree, she would have pursued her bachelor’s degree much earlier in her career.

Debbie Hall is practically a Las Vegas native (34 years and counting) and loves experiencing everything in Southern Nevada from the Las Vegas Strip to the surrounding mountains and Lake Mead. She also teaches at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and loves sharing her knowledge. Her work can be found on

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