Edward A. Vance, FAIA is the founder, CEO and design principal of EV&A Architects, a specialty design firm serving the hospitality, commercial and health care industries. For over 32 years, Vance has worked in the profession of architecture, winning numerous design awards and significant commissions. Vance is a registered architect in seven states and is NCARB certified with Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Architecture degrees from North Dakota State University.

(Photo Courtesy of Edward A. Vance, FAIA)

(Photo Courtesy of Edward A. Vance, FAIA)

He is the past president of JMA Architecture Studios, a nationally recognized design firm of over 200 professionals with five offices in Nevada and California. For nearly 18 years, Vance served as a designer, project manager and principal-in-charge, but he found he was not doing what he loved. He sold his interest, and in 2006 Vance opened EV&A Architects. With a smaller firm, Vance said, “I can spend more time with my clients and provide services.” 

As for founding and operating a business, Vance explained that his degrees taught him how to solve problems, especially when taking “a myriad of criteria and working them into a series of possible options as well as work to be collaborative to arrive at a solution that meets everyone’s needs.” A higher education, according to Vance, helps develop leaders in every aspect of business to create answers.

As a past professor at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Vance said, “A number of my students came back to school after pursuing other degrees and careers.” He found that students returning back to school are more focused and comprehend the material much faster. 

Vance also admits, “If I had my druthers, I would have obtained my M.B.A. as well. I find that those with an M.B.A. excel much faster due to their business background. It gives a person an edge and they will advance to positions of leadership much faster.” Vance learned about business, “Through the school of hard knocks with a crash course when I attained partnership my first year.” Although he learned, Vance encourages taking the route of pursuing a higher education in business. 

Debbie Hall is practically a Las Vegas native (34 years and counting) and loves experiencing everything in Southern Nevada from the Las Vegas Strip to the surrounding mountains and Lake Mead. She also teaches at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and loves sharing her knowledge. Her work can be found on Examiner.com.


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