LAS VEGAS (CBS Las Vegas) — The Cliven Bundy ranch needs a little help.

Three months after a showdown with the Bureau of Land Management, the ranch is seeking some help and support from the public through an online ad for monetary donations, food, and manpower, 8 News Now reports.

The crowds, news teams, and general fervor in Bunkerville has dissipated, leaving Bundy and the militia that guard the ranch in need of some help as their numbers have also shrunken.

“The militia numbers are down very low,” said Sheriff Doug Gillespie, whose last visit to the ranch was to negotiated an extremely volatile situation that may have turned violent at the ranch in April.

In an online ad posted to the website Craigslist, the Oathkeepers group have asked for donations for anything from chilli and sunscreen to money and men who have a little extra time on their hands.

Bundy does not seem to be letting down on protection following the April standoff; the same stand off that Sherriff Gillespie publicly admonished the Department of Interior for improperly handling.


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