(Las Vegas, NV)- The two killers who ambushed police inside of a Cici’s Restaurant were prepared for a long gun-battle with police.

In a news conference, Sheriff Doug Gillespie says Jerad and Amanda Miller were carrying several weapons, armor-piercing rounds, MRE’s, water and were both wearing adult diapers when they carried out their ambush.  Metro confirms the duo stole weapons off of Officer Igor Soldo and Officer Alyn Beck after fatally shooting the two.  The couple then made their way to Wal-Mart where they were confronted by civilian Joseph Wilcox, who was also fatally shot.

“Once inside the couple made their way to the sporting good section of the store where they replenished their ammunition by smashing open an ammunition display case, ” explained the Sheriff.

New details also show Amanda Miller was shot in the shoulder after a face to face confrontation with one of the responding officers.  That officer was pursuing Jerad Miller inside of the store, when he turned the corner and unexpectedly came into contact with Amanda, who immediately began firing at the officer.  He managed to retreat while simultaneously firing his gun, hitting Amanda.

Police also say Jerad Miller yelled at police officers.

“Stand down. You have failed. I am in charge now,” shouted Miller.  A gunfight began immediately after and lasted 15 minutes.

Miller was fatally struck in the chest while trying to move a shopping cart.  Amanda Miller ultimately shot herself in the head.




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