(LAS VEGAS, KXNT)–Five community activists were arrested at the Las Vegas offices of Nevada Congressman Joe Heck Wednesday during a demonstration for immigration reform.

Groups are protesting the failure of Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform. Heck, a Republican, favors immigration reform, but protesters say he has not prevailed on his party leadership to allow immigration to come up for a vote in the House.

A group protested outside the offices, then took the protest inside. They began reading letters for more than 150 undocumented immigrants who support changes in the law. Laura Martin of the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada, one of those arrested, told KXNT “His staff didnt want to hear it, but we continued to read the stories, and thats when they called the police. But we just kept reading, and thats when we were arrested.”

Two representatives of the Culinary Workers Local 226 were among those arrested. The group was detained outside, given citations, and released.

Congressman Heck has said he is a proponent of comprehensive immigration reform, including the so-called ‘path to citizenship’. But the group says he has not prevailed on his party leadership to bring reform.

“Its great that he supports reform, but we want to see something happen. I can say ‘I wanna be a millionaire’, but if I never do anything about it I’m going to continue to be broke”, said Martin. “He’s saying this but he’s doing nothing. He needs to do something”


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