LAS VEGAS (CBS Las Vegas) – A mother is furious after her daughter was forced to use the bathroom in a trashcan during a school lockdown.

Shay Jones explained that her daughter, who attends the second-grade at Fyfe Elementary School, was forced to use the bathroom in a wastebasket because the school was on lockdown due to a suspicious person in the area.

“You do not, I repeat, do not put a child on a nasty school trash can with a hard napkin, cover the corner with a partition, put on music so the other students can’t hear. You just don’t do that,” Jones told KVVU-TV.

The mother explained that her daughter is embarrassed from the incident and is now a target for teasing from other students.

“I contacted the school. I got nothing. Not even an apology,” Jones said to KVVU-TV.

She added that her daughter appears to be stressed from the incident and is worried that her classmates will never forget about what happened.

A statement from the Clark County School District explained that the Fyfe Elementary School is an outdoor school and that “there is no way for a student to access a restroom without exiting the safety of the locked-down building. A lockdown situation can last a few minutes or several hours, depending on the situation. When a lockdown is instituted, it is normal for teachers and staff to be unaware of how long the school or building will remain in lockdown status. In this situation, the teacher accommodated this student to avoid having the student urinate on his or herself, and create a possible health issue.”


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