Body Dryer is a cutting-edge device that uses compressed, ionized air to dry a person off in 30 seconds. The developers have found that this method, as opposed to traditional towels, reduces the amount of bacteria present on a person’s body after drying. The Body Dryer also aims to reduce the amount of water and energy used in the daily wash cycle of towels.

“It’s a straightforward name for a straightforward product. Body Dryer does exactly what it promises: it dries your body. By using air instead of towels it leaves you cleaner and the world cleaner.” Tyler Overk, Managing Partner

Photo credit:  The Body Dryer

Photo credit: body dryer

Body Dryer is a portable full-body dryer that pushes super-compressed ionized air up at strategic angles to completely dry a person off. The 2-by-2-foot device is slightly larger than a typical home scale and takes around 30 seconds to push the water off the body and into the platform. The platform then uses circulating air to evaporate the water. The lightweight unit is less than five pounds and can be plugged into and used near any standard AC outlet.

Body Dryer is comparable to the revolution of Airblade hand dryers in restrooms. While hand dryers eliminate the use of paper towels, Body Dryer eliminates the use of bath towels. This creates a conscious effort to save water and energy involved in constantly washing and drying towels. In addition to creating a positive environmental effort, Body Dryer is also a more hygienic solution. Most people shower to get clean, yet immediately follow this by rubbing a bacteria-laden cloth all over their body. The environments that towels are stored in make them a prime breeding ground for bacteria. Body Dryer offers a solution to both of these issues.

The low-energy device draws air from outside the unit and turns this into pressurized air supply. Five types of air nozzles on the foot plate allow for upward air stream at different angles. Combinations of straight and angled nozzles form a cylindrical tunnel of upward-moving air around the body.

Body Dryer exists right now as a fully functional prototype, and its developers are excited to make it available to consumers. To finance the initial production run, they are using the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. The unit will retail for $250 when it hits the market, but early contributors to the crowdfunding campaign can preorder a Body Dryer unit for only $125.

About Body Dryer LLC

The concept of the Body Dryer was created on December 2012 and the after extensive research and product refinement, the first ever Body Dryer prototype was completed on March 2013. The creators aim to revolutionize hand dryers and worked towards the natural progression of body drying. Body Dryer continues to innovate and improve more future Body Dryer products.

About Tyler Overk

Overk has spent several years in environmental commodities and green consulting. He began to focus on the environment through the cap & trade system developed in Europe and that prompted him to start looking at the all the ways Americans can reduce their impact on the Environment. He has been involved with solar energy startups and environmental auditing firms. This work led him to being involved with the Body Dryer Team and working to bring this environmentally friendly drying system to the market.

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