LAS VEGAS (AP) — Testimony resumed Monday in the murder trial of Jason Griffith, accused in the 2010 murder of dancer Deborah Flores Narvaez.

However, a key prosecution witness, Griffith’s former roommate, did not make an appearance on the witness stand, as anticipated.

Crime scene technicians and forensic investigators testified Monday.

Earlier, a woman testified she was stunned and confused when Griffith told her that a big plastic tub of cement he wanted to store at her house contained the remains of his ex-girlfriend.

Kalae Casorso told a jury in Las Vegas that she didn’t call police because she feared what happened to Flores Narvaez could happen to her.

Griffith is standing trial on charges that he killed Flores in December 2010, dismembered her body and tried to dispose of it in tubs of cement.

Jurors are hearing that Griffith and Flores had a tempestuous relationship, and that Flores told people she was pregnant before she disappeared.

Griffith’s lawyers say Griffith was defending himself when Flores died.

He could face life in prison if he’s convicted.


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