By Ken Boehlke

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Johnny Manziel is the one of the most interesting prospects that has come through the NFL Draft in recent memory. He’s too small, too improvisational, and has a polarizing personality, but at the same time, he’s dynamic, accurate, quick, and has a certain “it” factor that simply cannot be explained.

All the unknown makes for something very scary for NFL general managers. It’s the age-old conundrum of being stuck between a rock and a hard place.

After two spectacular years at Texas A&M and months of workouts, just about every GM in the league has an opinion on Johnny Manziel. But it’s not his or his staff’s opinions that should scare him, it’s mine and yours, the media’s and the fans’.

Odds are, with the reckless style in which Manziel plays, he’ll either be a rousing success or a miserable bust. Thus, a GM would be either be a complete genius to draft him or a buffoon for wasting his precious pick.

However, there’s only one Johnny Football, so he can only wind up on one team. That leaves every other team without the lightning rod quarterback. With the way that this draft is set up, specifically the fact that each of the top two picks are seemingly available via trade, every GM is in the same boat. If he’s not on your team, you made that decision, it didn’t happen outside of your control.

Unlike most top prospects who are only linked to the few teams that pass on him, Manziel will be linked to just about everybody. Even a team like the Broncos, Patriots, or Saints have to consider it because their QB’s are aging, and this guy might be the next transcendent star in the NFL.

It makes for an incredibly intriguing draft night, but also a potential nightmare for general managers everywhere for years to come.

In Greek mythology Odysseus faced a similar dilemma when he had the choice of steering his boat toward the six-headed man eating monster named Scylla or the drowning whirlpool called Charybdis. He opted to pass the whirlpool and lived to see another day.

Draft Johnny Football and leave your fate in the hands of feet of the 5’11” QB, or pass and pray to the heavens that he’s not the next Steve Young.

As the idiom goes, damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Let’s just hope your favorite team’s GM escapes as easily as Odysseus.


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