LAS VEGAS (CBS Las Vegas) – This year, Centennial High School has named a girl as Prom King.

Skyler Galliher ran for king and won.

According to KVVU-TV, Galliher said the idea to run for king came to her when her friend Summer Brother wanted to be prom queen.

“I am thrilled. I am so excited to be prom king,” Galliher told the station. “She’s like, ‘Well, you should run with me.’ And I said, ‘What?’ And she said, ‘As prom king.’ It started as a joke.

Parents and other students started a pushback when they found out a girl was running for king.

“When they found out that I was a girl, student council and teachers added more names to offset the number,” Galliher said.

“Once people were getting angry, I was like, ‘Wow, this is really a big deal to some people.’ I was like, ‘We should definitely go all-out with this thing,’” Brother told KVVU.

The girls started a campaign and got people to vote for them.

Galliher’s father was not surprised his daughter achieved something she set her mind to.

“She always stands for something. Skyler has very strong ideals about what’s right and what’s wrong,” Jeff Galliher, Skyler’s father, told the station.

Skyler and Summer did not go to the prom together.  They each had their own dates.  They were just named prom king and queen.

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