(LAS VEGAS, CARSON CITY, KXNT)–A petition has been filed at the Nevada Secretary of State’s office to begin the process of legalizing marijuana in the state.

One of those signing the petition is Nevada State Senator Tick Segerblom, a Las Vegas Democrat who authored the bill to provide for medical marijuana dispsensaries in the state.

The petition will require just over 101,000 signatures by later this year. If there are sufficient signatures, the matter would go to the Nevada Legislature in 2015.

If the Legislature fails to pass the law, it would go to voters on the ballot in 2016.

In an interview with KXNT, Segerblom said “I think its going to be a great advertising boon for Nevada. We’ll be able to be what I refer to as the ‘Amsterdam of the West’. People from all around the world will come and visit and the one of the things they’ll do is buy a joint, or a brownie, and they’ll wanna buy a T-shirt.”

As communities around the state finalize regulations for the licensing and establishment of medical marijuana dispensaries, Segerbloom sees higher goals following legalization. “We are the place where what happens here stays here. People come here to have a good time and I think its gonna add to one of the reasons to come to Las Vegas.”




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