LAS VEGAS (CBS Las Vegas) — Las Vegas middle schools are dealing with a problem known as “slap-ass Friday.”

KLAS-TV reports that every Friday students will slap their classmates on their backside.

Denise Delucia, the legal guardian of a seventh grader at Escobedo Middle School, wants action to be taken against students who do this.

“I actually am going to keep her out of school until the situation is resolved on Fridays,” Delucia told KLAS. “I’m not letting her go to be accosted on Fridays, that is not acceptable.”

High school students admit that “slap-ass Friday” has been going on in middle schools for long time.

“It happened every single Friday of every single week of every single month throughout the whole entire year,” Tasha Rasmussen, 17, told KLAS.

Rasmussen said her and her friends would joke about it when it happened to them, but now being in high school, she realizes how wrong it is.

“I just think it’s inappropriate,” she explained to KLAS. “We were young and I just don’t believe that it should have been done. I definitely think there should be a stop to it. Somebody needs to bring the consequences to the students’ attention. It is frowned upon. It is bad. It is gross.”

The Clark County School District says it is aware of Delucia’s concerns and warns action will be taken against students participating in this so-called tradition.

“School administrators are aware of this parent complaint and have been working with the parent and student directly to gather additional information,” the school district said in a statement to KLAS. “The district has a zero-tolerance policy for physical violence. If appropriate, disciplinary action will be taken.”

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