Shot By BLM Rangers Near Redrock Canyon

(LAS VEGAS, KXNT, ASSOCIATED PRESS)–A funeral service was held in NOrth Las Vegas for the man who died at the hands of BLM agents during a skirmish in Red Rock Canyon in February.

The service for D’Andre Berghardt Jr. took place at  Nehemiah Ministries Christian Church.

Berghardt was moving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas to begin working with his brother when he was shot and killed Feb. 14.

Jacob Hafter, a  lawyer representing the family says that various delays, including the forensic examination of Berghardt’s body, contributed to the delay of the funeral and burial. Hafter says the family still has questions about the circumstances of Berghardt. “If we find the authorities did not handle the situation correctly because of improper training or whatever the case may be, then yes, we will pursue justice through the only system we have in this country, which is our court system”, said Hafter in an interview at the funeral with KXNT.

According to BLM officials, Berghardt made threats to kill and tried to grab a rifle from a Nevada Highway Patrol vehicle before he was shot.


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