(LAS VEGAS, KXNT)–A Las Vegas couple and an adult daughter have been accused of child abuse, neglect and sexual assault on three girls, dating back almost three years.

The girls, all sisters, were foster children and later the adapted children of Dwight and Janet Solander and Janet’s  adult daughter Danielle Hinton.

In recent weeks, four other foster children were removed from the Solander house on Wakahan Avenue, the three sisters were located and interviewed in Florida, and a SWAT team conducted a raid on the Las Vegas house to gather evidence.

A criminal complaint says doctors have confirmed scars and evidence of abuse on the girls. The sisters were allegedlty beatn until they bled, sexually abused with catheters, denied food for days if they had a bathroom accident, and were forced to sit on a bucket for hours at a time as punishment.

Clark County’s Department of Family Services has suspended the Solander’s foster parents license with the intention of revoking it. It says the license was granted in 2010.

Janet Solander claims to be a licensed nurse and has written a book called  entitled “Foster Care: How to Fix This Corrupted System.” In it she writes “while my husband and I both feel we were deceived in regard to the full disclosure of the true history of the children we foster parented then adopted, and the system was not forthcoming about all the issues we could expect, that still is no reason to  neglect, abuse, or murder the children”

She added their behaviors could have resulted in multiple failed adoption attempts were it not for her and her husband’s “tolerance and patience”.


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