(LAS VEGAS, KXNT)–They finally escaped domestic abuse, and are now available for domestic work.

A dozen women attended a graduation lunch Friday at Safe Faith United, having completed a four week course in domestic work, cleaning, maintenance, housekeeping, customer relations and professional conduct. They’re now available for work at hotels, casinos, businesses and vacant residential homes–at ten dollars an hour.

They’ve reached this point thanks to a program with RF Cleaning Solutions, which is seeking corporate contracts to assure work for the women.

Rebeca Ferreira, executive director of Safe Faith United says  victims each stayed with their abusers because they were unable to provide economically for themselves and their children.

Now that has changed. “Some are on welfare, and are food stamps”, says Ferreira. “They don’t want to go through that. They say ‘Rebeca, I dont want to be on welfare. I want to work. I want to be a productive member of society.'”

Safe Faith United plans to begin another month-long training course for another group of women in April.

In the meantime, they are seeking contracts with local businesses–hotels, casinos, and general businesses–which are looking for dependable housekeepers and cleaners.

Safe Faith United can be reached at 741-0355 or 685-1500.


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