(LAS VEGAS, KXNT)–The man who allegedly tried to steal from the Thunder From Down Under cast performers and fired a gun as they subdued him has been identified.

At first, police say the suspect game them a fake name following his apprehension. . Now they say he is Joey Kadmiri, and he is facing a number of charges, including six counts of felony attempted murder. The Thunder performers caught him in their dressing room, saying he was trying to take stuff.

The troupe performs at the Excalibur Hotel. A police report says Kadmiri had been spotted earlier in the evening in the dressing room area, wearing a SWAT Team hat, fireman’s shirt and SWAT shoes. Crew members thought he might be a new member of the cast.

A 44 calibre handgun was confiscated from the suspect after the skirmish and police say he fired that weapon during the incident.

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