(Las Vegas, NV)- A settlement for victims of a salmonella outbreak stemming from Firefly Tapas Kitchen and Bar last year has been reached.

At the time of the incident, close to 300 cases were reported.  According to attorney Anthony Coveny, who represents a large number of the victims, the restaurant, insurance company and plaintiffs reached a settlement earlier this year.  However, a non-disclosure agreement prevents Coveny from saying how much the settlement is worth and exactly how many victims were compensated.  He says in most cases dealing with food poisoning, law firms act quickly to reach a settlement.

“Generically speaking, we tend not to try to put restaurants out of business by taking all of their assets if there is not gross negligence involved in a case, ” explained Coveny.  “When we know there is limited insurance money, we set it up to where we can get as much  money for the bonafide victims.  How far that money goes depends on how big insurance policies are.”

The attorney says he and his clients are content with the settlement and gives his approval of how Firefly owners have taken steps to improve safety procedures.



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