PHOENIX (CBS Las Vegas) — A passenger says the Transportation Security Administration shut down a lane at the Sky Harbor International Airport after they thought her perfume bottle looked like a grenade.

Lois Lewis tells KTVK-TV that the incident happened Saturday while she was going through a TSA checkpoint in the Southwest Terminal.

“I’m not a casual traveler. I was trying to show them, ‘Look, I’m PreCheck.’ My risk has been assessed. I carry this with me always,” Lewis told KTVK. They said, ‘If, as a passenger, you were to get on an airplane and you were to wave this around, that people could maybe construe that as you making some sort of threat.’”

The “threat” was a 2-ounce bottle of Jimmy Choo perfume that retails for $80. The TSA confiscated the bottle.

“I went from humorous to alright, let’s be real. It’s perfume,” she told KTVK.

TSA told KTVK that they stand by its decision to search the perfume bottle.

Lewis says she is grateful for the job the TSA does but feels they need to be “logical” in what they search for.

“I know the TSA is there to protect us. I know that. I am a traveler,” she told KTVK. “I travel a lot. I have a husband. I want to come home. I want to be safe, but I want to be logical.”


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