8.9% December Rate Drops to 8.7% To Start 2014

( Carson City, NV ) – Not only did Nevada’s jobless rate fall in January, the state created more jobs at a rate higher than any state in the nation.

The state’s unemployment rate fell  in January to 8.7 percent from 9% in December. The state numbers also showed the 37th straight month of year-over-year job growth.

The figures preceded new numbers from the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics show that Nevada’s job growth rate in January was 3.4%, the nation’s highest.

The state’s chief economist, Bill Anderson of the Department of Employment, Rehabilitation and Training tells KXNT, that his earlier predictions of Nevada creating  30,000 new jobs during this year is looking good. “That 3.4 percent growth rate translates into about 40,000 new jobs. Something in that 30-40 thousand range, given the kind of information we’ve been receiving, seems to be pretty much in the ball park right now”.

“Going forward, I have no idea if whether or not we will be able to maintain that number one ranking, but nonetheless its very good news especially when you compare it to what was happening here during the so-called great recession when Nevada was arguably the hardest-hit state in the nation”, he said.

The state jobless numbers showed the Las Vegas unemployment rate was unchanged from December to January at 8.9%


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